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So keep at it and don't turn back.

I do things in my own way.

She fell ill, but got well soon.

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She stole my clothes!


Everyone seemed a bit depressed.

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Nothing's easy.


You're on the path of success.

Why has something not been done?

I think we're safe now.


The man's face was burned so badly that it was unidentifiable.

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Guards are stationed 'round the clock at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

There cannot be any tea left in the pot.

Computer games are not good for one's health.

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Ami was elderly.


Dimitry is still in critical condition.

Loren complained that he couldn't find a job.

Clare is the one I really have to persuade.

It's very popular.

Juergen got the corkscrew out of the drawer and opened the bottle of wine that Niall had brought.

Murray smiled apologetically.

Don't trust that realtor. He's evil.

Through him I got acquainted with the big names of the town.

If something's happened to him, I'd like to know.

Did Pierce tell you what this building used to be?

She's sad, but, very much alive.

You shouldn't get involved with this.

I wrote my teacher a love letter and he read it in front of the whole class.

Are you going to have dinner here with me?

When did you get back from Boston?


I worked a couple of years as a farm hand.


Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

I find it very boring to learn irregular verbs.

Call him.

I want to be able to speak French fluently.

We can't go there right now.

Is there any life on Mars?

I speak Japanese a little, but I'm not good at it, yet.

A fallen tree obstructed the road.

The scientists wanted to make their discoveries known to the world at large.


Often a change in syntax makes it easier to understand a sentence.


He pulled the necklace from his pocket.

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Leigh usually feels sleepy in the early afternoon.

I was just about to get started any-how.

Lindsey waited outside the closed door.

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I had never seen Judge cry.

The quality of Ahmet's work has improved lately.

I'm only interested in the truth.

At last, we reached the summit.

Turn around and open your eyes.

I need help carrying Vic.

I write articles regularly.

What do you want me to do with Francisco?

Bobby became popular among teenagers as soon as he made his debut on the screen.

There's still half of the way to go to get to the top of the mountain. Are you already tired?

Pierce was suffused with happiness.

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Amanda fell over and landed flat on his face.

He was my friend.

Hey, we're trying to have a serious discussion here so I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't butt in so irresponsibly.

You're starting to annoy me.

Forget it.

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She finally read War and Peace.

Let's walk to the station together.

She took a spoon.

Vinod has a little mustache.

You have to let us help you.


The bus driver was drunk.

Frederick had no money.

He isn't a diligent student.

She has a big house and two cars.

Bret liked Masanobu's picture on Instagram.

Yes, I know it.

Spass's troubled.

They had had that problem before.

I don't want to get a suntan.

Claude is deadly serious.

Who published this book?

Never give up!

I wrote a letter to them.


Do you think this is easy for me?

Boyce was staring at Ramiro.

I'm here because of them.

Don't lose heart, Malaclypse.

I didn't agree to any of this.

I would like to hear your voice, too.

Do you think Rupert is reliable?


He seems to be a hairsplitter.


We had a chance.


Not being heard is no reason for silence.

We should let them have a moment alone.

We haven't really spent time with each other for a while.


He's handsome and mysterious.

Piet's parents don't like me.

Ranjit still wants Dirk.


You should do what you think is right.

I have to ask her first.

I want my money back.

I have to go now. Did you see where I put my things?

You're exactly right, Ron.

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My tailor is rich.

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I've never eaten anything like this before.

What's Chip carrying?

We have to try to reduce its complexity.

You're a kind man.

It isn't really helpful to translate word by word.

I don't obey them.

They're not all violent.

Needless to say, health is above wealth.

We don't have the time to discuss this right now.

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When shall we get together next?

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Art knows what those are used for.


Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if you have any questions.


No one replied to the question.

He should be promoted as soon as possible to maximalize his chances.

Oifa drove the children of Lir into the lake to bathe, and they did as she told them. As soon as they were upon the lake she struck them with a Druid's wand of spells and wizardry and put them into the forms of four beautiful, perfectly white swans.

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Evelyn will tell the truth.


He attended only secondary school.

You lied to her.

Ken is not the type of person who loses his temper easily.

Rumors of defeat were circulating.

Why fight it?


A gentleman called in your absence, sir.

I want to know when you're going to Boston.

Grant called Hiroyuki to ask why she wasn't at the party.


Time is the best medicine.

Agatha is taking a walk.

Part refused to follow Vaughn's advice.

The cost of fixing the broken window is coming out of your paycheck.

Everyone in the bar seemed to be with a date.


I'm quite content with my life.

He's likely to be late.

I think Tyler went upstairs.

Do you really want to leave London not having visited the national gallery?

The athletic meet was put off until next week.

I apologize for being late.

My office is a very serious and high pressure place.

Last night I fell asleep quickly.

I'll eat a hundred-year egg.


He spoke highly of you.

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I'm writing to them.

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The parrot and the pirate are best friends.

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You know who Joni is, don't you?


He confessed to the murder.

It goes without saying that we must all observe traffic signals.

Lloyd made friends with the new girl in school.

Bush Jr. never lied to Americans.

Didn't you say you had some pull with Lynnette?

Jordan swims better than Heidi.

I'll never hurt Jill again.


What have you done to him?

I've never studied scientific philosophy, so I haven't read about Caveilles either.

Few things can compare to the joy on your child's face as they open their Christmas presents.


After the war, the idea of democracy spread throughout Japan.

What he needs is a swift kick in the tokhes.

Miriam didn't even look up.

They were forced to return to the South.

We rented a truck to move our furniture.


It is wet.