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 Whether you are just investigating what taxonomy is and how it can help your organization or are making critical decisions on developing or managing taxonomies for your enterprise, Taxonomy Warehouse can help. We are the only site on the Internet dedicated to taxonomies for corporations. Get the information you need to effectively categorize internal and external data collections and ensure users find the information they need with speed and precision. A tailored taxonomy can transform the way your organization maximizes its information assets - Taxonomy Warehouse is the place to start.


Get the information you need to balance the cost and value of taxonomy and metadata

Access and browse a comprehensive, global directory of taxonomies and classification and categorization schemes

Get up-to-date information about taxonomy references, resources, latest news and events

Link to professional associations and organizations for solutions to your taxonomy needs

   Brands and Companies Vocabulary - Dow Jones, Cengage Learning

The extensive Brands and Companies Vocabulary has been crafted to address the demand for effective information, relating Brands to their respective companies and generic product types. This vocabulary covers the public and private sectors and contains more than 390,000 consumer brands, tradenames and generic product codes from over 120,000 companies, including large Global 500 corporations and smaller businesses. Use this invaluable data to: locate company information for given brands, assemble sets of brands and companies in specific industries or areas of expertise, relate generic product types to brands and the companies that own them. Contact Dow Jones for pricing and samples.

   Semantic Technology Conference

Christine Connors, Global Director, Semantic Technology Solutions, Dow Jones & Company, Inc. session on 'Semantic Coding at 120mph'.    

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   Latest Synaptica Release -

Download a Synaptica benefits sheet to read about Synaptica version 7.0     Click here to download

   White Paper -

The Key to Better Information Retrieval     Click here to download

   Latest Webinar -

"Got Content? Unlock its business value with a successful metadata strategy"

   Read about,'Audience-Centric Taxonomy: Using Taxonomies to    Support Heterogeneous User Communities'

This paper describes how the National Library Board, Singapore intends to utilize audience centric taxonomy to provide enhanced information access to its multilingual, multi-cultural user community. Available at:


   Intellisophic Taxonomic Content

Intellisophic is pleased to offer a range of taxonomic and thesaurus based content in the key areas of business, government and education.  Intellisophic leverages the information contained within highly respected reference works to deliver unparalleled topical coverage and detail.  Intellisophic knowledge bases cover several million topics and contain hundreds of millions of terms.  Intellisophic content can be delivered in a variety of formats including XML Topic Map, Owl and RDF.


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