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  1. Authorize on the site with 'Windows.Live' account
  2. Go to 2697444759 link
  3. Authorize with Windows.Live account
  4. Clone this draft (702) 352-3185 library. Type any library name you want, or leave the defaults. Leave the new library Public - your teacher should see it.
  5. Your library will be initialized from our draft and you'll be redirected to your new library.
  6. Open the wanted notebook in your cloned library, run, debug, change the data etc. - from Azure web-gui or from terminal.
  7. To send your work for review to your teacher - use Share button to share for teacher Windows.Live account
  8. For online help - use the "on-line help" button in notebook toolbar. Button is available in Azure notebook runned only - if you download and run your notebook at local machine - button doesn't work.