Amarth knows more about me than anyone else.

You can see a lot of Native Americans in Alaska.

Like will to like.


You didn't tell me Ray smoked.


Ramiro had the life of his dreams.


Our language is an important part of our cultural identity.

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I haven't managed to get help from anyone.

It was this boy that broke the windowpane.

If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at those he's given it to.

The construction crews worked around the clock.

I request.

A long tongue is a sign of a short hand.

Don't look to me for any help except in case of emergency.

Are you sure about it?

I wonder if Bernard is able to understand French.

You've done a superb job.

It's a tempting offer but I'm afraid I'm going to have to turn you down.

I don't mind if you use my desk.

We were roommates in college.

Alexander was a great conqueror.

I hope that you are good.

What is your sister doing now?

Brooke has great potential.

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You were right about them.

There isn't much furniture in my room.

Make ten copies of that document and bring it to conference room number 1.


You wouldn't recognize the place anymore.


You bastard, I'll kill you!

Have you ever been to Mexico?

Just get back here.

Bill was caught by the police.

I got up at the crack of dawn.

My life hasn't been the same since I met him.

I'm stronger now.

Blayne is almost thirty now.

I'll beat you up!

Wikipedia turns 15 today.

I don't consider them friends.

Kriton is my old college roommate.

Is there a nitrite substitute for food?

The eyeliner pencil is used to make fine lines.

Herb is not the kind of person you think he is.

I think I need to talk to her.

I might not be at tonight's party.


I swear I'll always protect you.

Time lost cannot be recalled.

I can't make out what he was saying.


Rolf didn't have to listen to Shai.

He has two Picassos.

Klaudia let the dog out.

Does Trying get into the city very often?

It was marvellous to meet you.

It was not a coincidence.

He loses self-control when he's drunk.

Many are afraid of darkness at night.

Please take all of your medicine as prescribed.

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Do you remember our being stuck in the snow with the car last winter?

Winnie can swim, can't he?

Whose letter is in this envelope?

There was not enough evidence to find him guilty.

I suggest you shut up.

I cannot understand what you say.

I won't have to worry anymore.

A secretarial post is open.

Show Graham the picture.

According to what they say, that boy is very good at singing.

It is good to be kind to others.

The doctor told Dan that Linda had passed away.

In these mountains, nature is at its best.

I used to play tennis when I was a young student.

Theo speaks relatively fast.

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Why are you laughing? I'm trying to be serious here...


I don't know if I can help or not.


Old could stop this.

Nice to meet you!

She welded a pipe.

Vinod claimed that the enormous property was at his disposal.

Agatha was dumping trash.


Many foreigners come to Japan to work.

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Let's decide what needs to be decided, then let's split into two teams, OK?

Charles thanked Alfred for all her help.

I'm afraid I don't follow.

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Don't leave me here alone.

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It was delicious.

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Why did God make me so ugly?

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That would be nice.

The world is more dangerous than I thought.

Knute is a dentist.

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As far as I know, Kenneth doesn't have a girlfriend.


"I can't sleep." "Me neither."

Mr. Tanaka can play the piano well.

We missed the plane.


Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that here, obedient to their laws, we lie.

They're already occupied.

Both Lucifer and Nicholas have long hair.

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Your garden needs some attention.

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The sleep of reason produces monsters.

Betsy can skate.

They called the dog Cookie.


I like to play golf.

I have tried every diet that has ever been published and I still haven't lost weight.

Marcia works at the best salon in town.

She would cook it in her own way.

She speaks English really well.

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How can things be perfect?

Hey, it's snowing.

Sir showed Marie a picture of his children.


Sanjib and Mah don't need a chaperone.

Those clocks got broken.

Did you get a good look?

Why are you defending them?

He dashed the glass to the floor.

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It was a cold night.

No one seems to know Joni.

I promise I'll take good care of your dog.

I'll call Gregge and let him know we'll be late.

The blisters have formed scabs.


I'm not going to write a letter in English.


He was supposed to call her at ten.

My birthday coincides with yours.

It is one thing to show a man that he is in error, and another to put him in possession of the truth.

It seemed like too much trouble.

John is older than I am.


Roman doesn't make the rules.


Stop calling me names. That'll do you no good.

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Ram has dabbled in the dark arts.

More and more students began to protest.

Three candidates ran for President and he was elected.

I don't think that she knows Hebrew.

I appreciate your efforts.


I told Hillel everything.

I heard about him.

You need to do exactly what I tell you to do.


His name is familiar to us.


Niels is listening to the radio.


We can still win.

She goes to junior high.

This is where it happened.

Could you please tell me where to put this?

I have a date with her tonight.

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I have in-growing eyelashes.

She died in her bed at the age of 96.

I've never understood them.

My life changed, sparked by meeting Mr Matsukawa.

He knows how to console people.

The trendy word of the year was "digital": digital clocks, digital microwave ovens, even digital fountain pens.

It was a huge increase.

It looks like it's going to rain. Remove the clothes from the line.

As long as it's not too much of a bother, people like to be nice to other people.

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We can't trust you.

We were in the first year of middle school last year.

I take a strong attitude toward her.

His birthday is May 5th.

Lui may have a point.

While we're waiting, why don't you tell me what happened?

We don't want any more mistakes.

I told you it was going to be cold.

Stanly isn't polite.


Heather has a silk scarf.