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gTalk® PBX
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Genusys offers high quality telecommunications and voice related software services.
Switch to Genusys service(s) and experience the difference.

gTalk Cloud PBX Service

gTalk® cloud base PBX is a service product of Genusys providing complete suite of advanced business communications services meeting requirements of businesses at affordable costs.

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gTalk® Home phone service is a service product of Genusys providing innovative and cost effective solution to meet residential voice communication needs.


gTalk Pinless Calling Service

gTalk® Pinless is a service product of Genusys offering prepaid international calling service for customers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK, and USA.


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We are committed to providing quality services to and fairness in dealings with our customers.
Genusys services are easy to use, user-friendly, scalable, and robust compared to its competition.
Genusys services are always competitively and fairly priced.

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gTalk® Smart Business Phone service

gTalk® introduced smart feature rich and cost effective cloud based business phone service under the brand name gTalk® PBX in North America in early 2013. The technology allows businesses of all sizes to reap the benefit of advanced IP based telephony system without any investment in equipment other than IP phone sets.

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