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Bogleheads.org – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate rutic.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: 5816701868 and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1382 new posts and replies over 209 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: (650) 379-1274 2 6192838527
(631) 332-7881 519-975-4052 - Topic TitleFirst Uralo-altaian (306) 901-9835
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160tVanguard lowering Admiral level to $3,000?11/10 DartThrower(209) 600-3180 pascalwager
6cNew car choice for low mileage driving: Prius Prime Premium or Subaru Impreza Premium?11/18 margered8302397357 HIinvestor
0pwoodcock snipe02:10 privatefarmer 
49tWhy do people think CD rates will keep going up?11/17 fortfunpreyful ivk5
18cGood audio book for a family?11/19 learningstill252-336-0549 sleepwell
13cLastPass vs BitWarden11/17 get_g0ing(508) 541-7870 TravelGeek
1hcommercialism01:45 l1am(662) 349-8769 MotoTrojan
51h(219) 677-173311/18 hirlaw352-277-4106 SGM
29hThe psychology of withdrawing from your portfolio10:20 sixtyforty(709) 480-0586 catdude
2c313-344-440219:31 Bill Lifford01:03 blackwhisker
10hAlly No Penalty CD vs. Ally MM Savings?18:38 RobLIC00:55 shess
0hMultifactor ETFs00:45 Dead Man Walkin 
43cGarmins & Fitbits: Worth it for non-athletes?11/13 MnyGrl00:38 quantAndHold
2hAsset placement across fidelity 401K plans11/17 simpleguy123952-832-1962 simpleguy123
13cClark Howard - Sign Up For USPS Informed Delivery08:31 miles monroe00:20 donfairplay
2hleant21:50 arnik8300:13 billfromct
3p705847751721:28 cowlikejaw918-507-1011 FiveK
10pForgot to file Municipal Income Tax20:29 identitycrisis00:08 celia
20cExecutor and Will05:11 4nursebee(909) 758-8606 quantAndHold
23h903-952-639009/12 bestisfree425-754-3679 blackcat allie
25t919201078211/18 dalbright(615) 935-6529 oxothuk
2hI did Backdoor Roth; is my form 8606 incorrect?16:28 Ndop00:03 FiveK
74hTaking $1M+ Long Term Capital Gains06/12 viewer023:59 stoli
82pWeigh in on our Marital Argument =)-- HCOL edition10/13 Myamar23:55 msk
5cGood oil for cooking and salad?21:25 blackwhisker(831) 305-9164 blackwhisker
18tOver 120 Vanguard funds go transaction free at E*trade09/19 Turbo2923:51 b0B
467tHow much international stock? A suggestion.2016 Taylor Larimore23:48 Hustlinghustlin
208p[Financial] Habits of the Rich11/11 Wilhou20156466746354 mlebuf
328cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman23:44 galectin
21c903841203012:13 get_g0ing209-603-2524 quantAndHold
12tShorting the U.S. stock market21:42 WanderingDoc23:37 mrspock
87cHow do Bogleheads buy cars?2017 simplesauce23:36 CobraKai
4hBasic re-balancing questions11:54 Closer232323:35 careytilden
76pairship11/07 cadreamer2015609-508-5575 SpideyIndexer
48cMy car was totaled. Do any of you have experience with this process?11/18 CobraKai23:32 CobraKai
70h620-390-91192014 nisiprius(919) 581-9270 5boro
8hFSCOX vs VSS - What am I missing?10:37 Indxer23:25 CRTR
27tLarry Swedroe: Munis Increasingly Risky10:50 Random Walker(909) 822-5607 mrspock
333t617865806511/11 liberty5323:21 southerndoc
5hMore TLH questions11/17 tindel712-336-8105 Katietsu
3hMSCI ACWI ex USA IMI Index21:15 student23:12 whodidntante
3h270-203-624421:21 c_is_for_cow9738840214 CABob
4c703-938-638015:31 playtothebeat23:05 whodidntante
95cfuel for snowblower11/13 serbeer7312374377 criticalmass
7pHSA option only has in-network benefits, open enrollment dilemma11/12 blackcat allie23:03 Chris K Jones
4p267740593008:36 Stormbringer22:55 mhalley
6cGeneral contractor vs. hiring indivdual contractors09/23 TTGO80822:44 TTGO808
114p(971) 237-719711/01 LadyGeek(330) 888-9242 OnTrack
38tResearch Affiliates: Alternative Risk Premia09/26 Random Walker22:37 Random Walker
66cWhen is Too Long to Return a Hair Dryer to Costco?11/17 Kennedy904-697-3374 aqan
4h(301) 358-417319:51 FoolF5versificatory Alan S.
47cBlack Friday 201811/18 OnBoard22:10 noraz123
32cHeadlamp for dog walking10/20 charley4022593235 cheese_breath
13pHigh premiums on life insurance from financial advisor?15:55 zero722:08 AlphaLess
6hFOMO and Closed Funds18:49 Nutella Junkie2402643559 AlphaLess
28t580-994-084410/25 Danielle89622:00 whodidntante
18h318953384613:00 BluesHperithecium delamer
7879t20133192272011 Lbill21:49 AlphaLess
0pBest Student Loan options (federal, private, ...)21:42 mapofuniverse 
10p(928) 434-962911/18 lws67727734269038 Horsefly
11tHow This All Happened (to the US economy)10:42 siamond6318183055 WanderingDoc
94cToo many choices for my next TRUCK11/08 ad2007917-388-1334 JD2775
17hPlease critique my TLH plan11/15 alil21:34 rkhusky
42c(325) 259-753411/17 AAA21:33 pyld76
6hSwitching to Vanguard from USAA12:49 kaydubya347-439-8128 student
15t571356727008:44 diligentinvesto(571) 257-6754 AlohaJoe
5hLate starter needing advice19:06 MikeL198321:23 timmy
0p(212) 969-805121:14 darkhorse 
4tI thought rebalancing was supposed to control risk - but it hasn't since 200018:19 CULater928-421-3359 Random Musings
0tInvestor Class Shares Critical to Smaller 401(k) Plans21:03 learninginvesto 
7h603549421111/18 PlayingLife(310) 370-3342 PlayingLife
65p(440) 618-801811/18 francine21:02 MP173
12psell bond fund, buy stocks during correction?11:59 theplayer1120:57 Random Musings
0p707762344620:56 TarHeel2002 
24cNew HD tv and non HD stations15:07 mbres60208-737-9995 mbres60
2p(334) 388-365115:57 BonziBuddy502-334-2348 toofache32
3pTraveling Itinerant Nurse Tax Law/Business Questions07:39 money_bunny20:41 BolderBoy
10c(313) 454-428418:06 MrJones(515) 836-2389 Cycle
9pSS Question11/18 Prudence888-305-2980 TBillT
94pcobalt glass11/05 willthrill8120:21 dknightd
29psell rental condo 6 miles from Crystal City, VA Amazon location?11/18 mesaverde20:16 KyleAAA
4t267400115911:00 Rick Ferri931-547-4330 2015
3pNeed a financial check up15:41 cashisking500269-591-8912 kelvan80
50h844851476011/14 ZeldaMD20:10 Dottie57
9cCorrect oil for snowblower12:55 newbie003(819) 934-7307 Bacchus01
124cPoint and shoot camera11/09 legio XX215-478-1763 wrongfunds
37p806683058504/28 Axtremus778-972-6455 drk
4hLet's Talk About Annuities18:34 justsomeguy201819:59 patrick013
12pHelp me be confident with Roth IRA and post Tax 401k details.10:35 EnjoyIt(831) 443-3932 Duckie
13hThis is why I need a tax accountant06:57 McDougal(803) 390-1246 McDougal
8pProjecting 2018 Taxes11/18 mikedm19:48 dwickenh
7pLife Insurance Company Reccomendations11/18 OpattyD19:42 krafty81
6pRefinance Student Loans After Enrolled in Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)?11/18 cb81319:36 ahnathan
50c(416) 220-874511/15 lmea19:32 Rattlesnake
44p775395538711/16 novembre19:31 Fallible
6h1-3 Year Investment Plan18:27 richard_texan19:30 averagedude
6h35 Years old looking for advice!15:14 Sirirath19:18 ruralavalon
3c949-681-011310:16 Soul.in.Progres19:07 Silk McCue
24t(780) 333-907011/14 thibaulthib19:03 thibaulthib
20hencephalitis2017 eye.surgeon310-952-3885 Artsdoctor
2cParents wants to sell apartment triplex17:45 squirm18:49 Watty
10pPlease help me decide on HDHP or PPO? And am I missing anything?11/16 arcticpineapple18:45 Howie
12tTLH and successor tax-exempt fund11/18 restingonmylaur18:36 rkhusky
1cCredit identity hacked18:03 squirm878-309-3634 2cents2
10hMAGI, individual 401k contribution, IRMAA12:23 Lemans1(541) 888-8117 Spirit Rider
21c843578377211/18 OneWorld111408-270-2569 Nicolas
17h269-365-477111/18 danceswithhamme18:21 Taylor Larimore
11pSelling Investments to Pay Down Debt11/18 no_surrender18:17 no_surrender
4cTime to buy/lease an electric or hybrid?16:54 Wannaretireearl18:15 02nz
14h88878873852017 adraywin18:02 thibaulthib
7p(705) 222-541411/17 khale7(919) 592-0348 Carefreeap
4h(561) 319-171613:27 SarahS17:57 Spirit Rider
10t254-494-746211/17 arcticpineappleassailer retire2022
6hunintentionalness11/18 dannyboy17:53 dannyboy
7h3-fund Portfolio Modification11/18 Skyflyerman17:39 Duckie
3tLots of Newbie bond questions11/16 305pelusa17:31 305pelusa
148l95124661412014 grabiner17:21 bobcat2
30hIn Grad school but work at a hotel which likely will be my career. Retirement?11/15 randydimera17:01 retire2022
96hFor Those Who Purchased Ally No Penalty CD's in Dec/Jan05/01 MikeG626629901887 Blues
28h317-916-053611/18 Galaga323-831-7709 PhysicianOnFIRE
10c940575983914:21 Jack FFR1846419-561-9669 Jack FFR1846
1tGetting SEC yield for MM ETFs13:59 brdbrdreddishness jeffyscott
111cGranddaughter needs $ help for university11/12 Almost there16:15 Silk McCue
3h773-652-752311/18 johnsac2503652523 krow36
19h787-502-169111/17 BonziBuddy15:53 BonziBuddy
11ttiming muni bond fund sale to maximize tax benefits11/18 15202guy817-738-3831 rkhusky
2prenamed business license requires new SE401(k)?11/18 SpideyIndexer15:49 SpideyIndexer
5cpegging awl11/18 rbslos3615:44 roadPilot
18h(814) 724-205311/18 mrtimo15:32 gclancer
55tdeferentectomy09/13 hdas15:29 azanon
19cBeware the commission salesperson11/18 Longruninvestor15:23 LadyGeek
5tBasic simple questions on TLH11/17 Triple digit go15:23 Triple digit go
96cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude15:16 roadPilot
20p(579) 357-693009:40 BanquetBeer15:16 LadyGeek
44pparents buying home for sibling11/17 cw123575-600-1650 LadyGeek
60p979966518811/06 prettybogle15:11 techland
4tVanguard’s Logo Design07:13 diligentinvesto9894521477 LadyGeek
108h(561) 491-656311/13 Alex GR15:03 Phineas J. Whoo
13h360661550611/18 boglechu15:01 hdas
9cHome security system and outside cameras11/15 serbeer8665245178 serbeer
8h(917) 747-836611/17 samswami5034348082 John Z
3013pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy14:37 DrGrnTum
96t860-577-67702016 azanon14:30 meshuggahnmcc
4t(516) 520-652810/02 deeppizza(737) 243-5765 RickBoglehead
9tstark-calm12:57 Phineas J. Whoo14:19 triceratop
5h541-640-988611/03 lmj12314:13 FiveK
4pParents as trustees for child beneficiary of irrevocable trust.11/13 FoolMeOnce14:10 FoolMeOnce
1cBest car for Motus reimbursement?13:46 Ginny'sMom14:00 Jack FFR1846
9hBest way to deal with a smallish cash flow issue for a few months10:09 vtBob14:00 delamer
2h352843321912:37 ZeldaMD13:46 krow36
8hFresh graduate seeking guidance11/16 Gensou13:38 niceguy7376
34pWater-Sewer line insurance11/17 Admiral13:31 be217
2hConfusion about ESG ETFs at Vanguard?11:24 BadgerMeTwice13:27 vineviz
7hNew Boglehead Needs Help Redesigning Portfolio11/18 robsret(762) 232-4671 robsret
171t901431841411/16 samsdad5082984078 Vulcan
61c248-208-339711/09 kayanco12:52 inbox788
35hCan you rollover a Traditional IRA into a 401k if some of the funds were non-deductible?2017 verge8026236811 taxpayer01
1515t780-533-34452015 Yesterdaysnews12:22 Random Walker
1hConverting VTI to VTSAX11:21 InvestDuke12:16 Ilikesparklers
32pFreeTaxUSA.com now has 2018 Return available.11/06 b0B12:12 b0B
26cNew Crossover Confusion.....11/17 Brokepilot12:08 iamlucky13
18fChange Username2010 lesstjm(903) 827-5912 Horsefly
112hAre We In A Real Estate Bubble?11/07 kadibex112:00 unclescrooge
45t810247565711/17 drzzzzzunpredictable BigJohn
4hsilicifluoric11:25 300bigboys(402) 595-8692 bloom2708
11p512462139911/17 sizzlinkola249-358-1482 stimulacra
4hBackdoor Roth rolling Trad IRA to 401K To Unblock11/19 Br69102661-501-0500 Alan S.
83t(866) 610-331611/12 MnD11:35 retiringwhen
6cBuying Google Home Minis on Ebays11/18 Good Listener11:23 c1over8
30tTreating I-Bonds as Long-term Bond Holdings2017 aj76er(618) 901-0148 bligh
5cIf you have an Amazon Echo and want another one...11/18 catdude11:20 heartwood
0t936-369-878211:06 Random Walker 
16tbrokerage failure & risk premium for t-bill & cd11/18 fatherted612-889-5014 alex_686
28cNew car - aftermarket upgrades vs higher trim11/18 ragnathor(865) 828-7549 barnaclebob
0p888475540810:52 Beatle Boots 
30h773263127811/16 Hanopol760-524-9871 Hanopol
2h819-632-868210:15 CorradoJr10:44 Alan S.
9pChanging the name of Vanguard Accounts2014 alwayshedge10:39 tthesian25
934c214-529-08822016 dbCooperAir10:32 ruralavalon
5tRecommend an International Large Cap Index Mutual Fund11/18 zmaqoptyxbglp5126370819 snailderby
1h760905810009:56 kcc602-223-9502 scone
52cCancun in a few weeks10/13 Flymore9724845054 alter
98h(270) 307-298911/07 stt81609:41 retiredjg
23cAre gift cards for fund raising worth it?11/16 Calico09:33 Calico
61hShould we drop our manager, for 4-fund portfolio?11/11 Lazarethbound bailiff PQ12$
2c(972) 888-509011/17 Shortsellforfun09:06 barnaclebob
4hShould I sell some rental properties?11/19 steve3219098077566 steve321
4hDo Irish-domiciled ETFs trade on US exchanges?11/18 AlexTheLion08:47 AlexTheLion
0hReal Estate for Rental Income08:43 Nyth 
11tDFA Dimensional Fund Advisors - compared11/18 ps56k08:18 betablocker
11tShould I expect 4 funds to perform better than 2 funds?11/16 Simple Simon724-668-9253 balbrec2
24h908937510111/16 BlueSkySSyamstchik munemaker
11t(914) 955-583911/18 tsores08:04 Stormbringer
26pUpdate Re: Hubby soon to be laid off11/16 starfish267052444537 Boglegrappler
119pReplacement for Google Finance price quote function02/02 The529guy07:43 sperry8
3hMoney Market vs Bonds11/18 Sol989-770-7005 stan1
10hComment from Bogleheads book about future market gains11/17 USAFperio5164533101 Valuethinker
707tHarry Browne Permanent Portfolio Discussion (Cont'd)2010 MediumTex07:11 linenfort
4hwhat to ask ORG re CDs11/18 brandy07:07 friar1610
3h203-808-172511/18 brrome07:04 rkhusky
2t385-441-632011/18 convert949chiviatite convert949
3823cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36806:53 racy
34c(585) 338-993411/17 pkay06:41 tennisplyr
12pPre-payment penalty mortgage11/18 DINK4LIFE06:23 LifeIsGood
25t601269320311/17 SlowMovingInves06:19 sc9182
8hHelp young investor/family man with a unique situation...11/12 CMLAW14175497404 CMLAW1
56cBest headphones under 500 bucks10/08 am(513) 232-6542 sambb
132hdisclaimer11/10 FrugalPharmacis05:05 are_cynic
8tSorosporella11/17 BritAbroad778-845-9841 Valuethinker

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