The doors are shut.

Who cares about what other people think?


What's the material?

I've never felt so helpless.

We should be there by noon.

This is the hospital I was born in.

Thanks for helping us.


I am relying on you to be honest.

I haven't heard from Brendan in a while.

I object to being called a monkey.

There's nothing I can do.

Leon is a very beautiful girl.

Guido got some more bad news.

What do you have so far?

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A newspaper tells us what is happening in the world.

His lack of self-awareness was sublime. That could be either endearing or maddening.

Do you have anything else?

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It is better to wear out than to rust out.

The girl is not old enough to be responsible.

It's a celebration.

She was in France.

This is a hard question.

Those haven't been cleaned yet.

For fear of accidents, please drive slowly.

Whilst walking on the beach, he found a message in a bottle.

Let's do that!

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He likes sports as well as music.

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They sell us copper.

Now you're an adult.

Is Harold a criminal?

I think someone, and I know very well who, came in my bedroom.

Come on, let's go up!


When I got out of prison, my ex-wife and I got remarried.

Don't walk so fast. We'll get there on time.

Pray forgive me!

As everyone knows, air is a mixture of gases.

I didn't touch him.


I wanna have your babies.

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Today is a very special day.


It is not far from my house to the station.


I'm so glad you called.

If you add lemon, it will become sour.

That's news to me.

I don't sleep much.

Vistlik had no choice but to ask Brandi to help him.

I thought you might like something to eat.

Tovah is our best player.

Have you been to Australia?

A river flows through the valley.

Look, I'm trying to apologize.

That's really a great idea.

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Once you reach the age of sixty, you become a senior.


The course of action is unclear.

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I want to rent an apartment with two rooms.


Now let's get to work.

Thursday, we will go to a swimming pool.

The Statue of Liberty is not tired, and not because it is made of bronze.

At long last, the two chiefs of the Indian tribes have decided to bury the hatchet and smoke the peace pipe.

What time do you often lay down?


I want to make sure that you do what Shane asked you to do.

I wish I could be more optimistic, but I don't think things will get better soon.

If there's no lightning, there'll be no thunder either.

He wrote a letter on a piece of paper.

He squinted.

That kind of machine is yet to be invented.

John might know something about Mr. Black.

I attended the party with the intention of taking some pictures.

Just tell me, how much does a ticket cost?

Dave didn't know where his family was.

It was so tense in the meeting, you could have cut the air with a knife.


I'd like to ask you to help me.


Janet was absent.

I try to read as many valuable books as I can.

Barbra was very impressive.

He followed his sister's example and demanded more money.

Do you think it was intended for Juliet?

I believe that I belong here.

It's the mayor who will perform the marriage of the two young people.

You are not funny.

She's absent because she's sick.


Give me that envelope.


The officer blamed him for neglecting his duty.

At home it is Liisa who rules the roost.

Maria fell off his bicycle.


There was a new candidate on the ticket at the Democratic convention.

Tor is angry at me, isn't he?

We didn't have many visitors this summer.

When one lucky spirit abandons you another picks you up. I just passed an exam for a job.

Van might be able to translate this into French.

I still can't believe this is really happening.

Holly talks quite a lot.

Did Robbin buy a raffle ticket?

Josip doesn't need a wheelchair.


I'm losing my powers.

Menopause is the end of menstruation.

Don't you worry about that?

Hein is far too busy to talk to you today.

The sun was hidden in the moon's shadow.


Where do you want to travel?

Dorian is a doll.

It's pretty warm out for a jacket.

Suppose it rains, what shall we do?

This movie is frightening to the children.

You'd better remember that tipping is necessary in the USA.

Theo has been arrested and charged with Nancy's murder.

Are you willing to do that?

Dani was hilarious.

He and I have been inseparable friends since our student days.

When was the last time you treated a patient?


Please, I ask that you stay calm.

He has succeeded by virtue of his constant efforts rather than his talent.

I took the first step.

Maybe we should stay here and help Ritchey.

I'm shooting.


The first president of the USA died on the last hour, of the last day, of the last week, of the last month, of the last year of the seventeen nineties.


I don't see anything strange.

I prefer speaking English with a native speaker.

I really don't think so.


I cannot put up with this noise.


This product has been designed with the highest concern for safety.

She has a short attention span.

Import restrictions have been greatly loosened of late.

Turning to the right, you will find the city hall in front of you.

This book is divided into four parts.


You can eat as much as you want.

There's hope for everybody.

We were reading.

I'll have to call back.

Look up there at the sky!

I have no faults.

Let's see what you've got.

Ellen would never have done such a thing.

It's not a difficult problem.

I'll get my tools.

There's nothing else to do.


Although it seems very difficult to study Chinese, it's not as hard as you think.

I thought everyone was happy.

The new TV drama is quite interesting.

I have lucid dreams.

I saw her at the party.

This sentence no verb.

The second lesson is very easy.

If Esperanto was progressing so greatly during the preceding twelve years, the main reason lay in the fact that theoretical discussion concerning the language itself had already ceased.

You're drawing attention to yourself.

The red fish is swimming in the ocean.

What do you think of this issue?

Jingbai lifted up a rock and looked under it.

Roderick has the flu.

As great a scientist as he is, he lacks common sense.

Let me save you some time.


He has a sufficient income to support his family.

Gregory is in his thirties.

I wasn't working with Alvin on that project.

Todd has a sister who is a lawyer.

Why did you move here?

Do you think it's true?

I detest everyone, and everyone detests me.

Here, if the weather's good, you can get a lovely view.

If you translate from your second language into your own native language, rather than the other way around, you're less likely to make mistakes.


Feel free to come by whenever you've got a minute.

I wish my wife were here with me now.

She showed up early for practice.

Holly saw a mouse.

Do you think you're bigger than Anne?

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The food is good.

This is more important!

We are with you your whole life.