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Alejandro doesn't trust me anymore.

My college tuition is too expensive.

I have plenty of time to do that.

I'd love to find out why she said so.

Can you really blame her?

The guard unlocked the cell door.

Marc told me he has a few things to take care of.

People use computers for both games and work.

She hates Halloween.

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I love dogs so I often go to the park with my dog.

I never had a room of my own.

"That bitch kicked me in the balls." "You deserved it."


His question challenged us to think.

You may take the book home so long as you don't get it dirty.

Eduardo lived in this building.


There didn't seem to be a problem.


We can do all of that.

I'll meet Toerless in front of the station at 2:30.

I don't want to overreact.


June was never afraid even to talk about his own shortcomings.


Do you have any sugar?

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It was embarrassing the way my parents bragged about me at the concert.

In modern computer systems, umlaut and diaeresis are represented identically.

Mother tells me not to study so hard.

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There's plenty of food in the pantry.

Dorothy kept packing.

Good day, how are you?


A new sentence is like a message in a bottle: some time it will be translated.

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Leslie returned to his hometown to visit his parents during the summer break.

Rafik ran as fast as his legs would take him.

That's only a toy.


Johnny needs to improve his grades.

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I have always strived for excellence.

His story puts me in mind of my past days.

You'll find our house at the end of the next street.


Have you ever seen snow?

Three pedestrians were victims of an accident.

Bob bragged about his big boat.


You can't let me suffer.

She has a beautiful voice.

It's too fast.

I made too many cookies, so won't you take some?

Careful! Watch out!

I grew up here.

He is a man with a lovable character.

I'm not satisfied with it.

"Shall I heat your meal?" "Oh, yes please."


Naren is effective.

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I have seldom heard from her.

The singer is famous not only in Japan but also in Europe.

On the table there's a plate, a fork, and a knife.

They agreed to elect him as president.

Lindsay is pretty outgoing, isn't he?

We walked a lot.

You seem like a cool guy. Can we be friends?

I forget where I put my keys.

The bear is eating an apple.


Who doesn't want to look young and sexy?


It was the most painful thing in my life.

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In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?

What's your score?

I don't like people who always insist on talking about politics.

Foreign students demanded help from us.

We're still married.

Do you really want Bjorne on your team?

We'll talk in the morning.

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Is Sofia looking for me?

I asked Vistlik to confirm my findings.

She can't be trusted.

It might've taken longer if Cory hadn't helped us.

I want to be promoted.

I met your parents yesterday.

This desk is a little too low for me.

Axel just walked through the wrong door.

Next year the vines will produce many grapes.

Where do you want to go for our first lesson?

Suddenly, there were gunshots.

Can you save him?

I'd prefer not to take that risk.


I went over his report, but couldn't find any mistakes.

I don't need dinner. After the meeting I'm going out for drinks.

We still have the same problem.

I don't want you to be disappointed in me.

I screamed.

I fell in love with you.

Only I could answer the question correctly.

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We all thought Mara would be here tonight.

Can you spell it?

Per is a bit confused.


Come back within a month.


Arne often wears jeans and a leather jacket.


Srikanth didn't commit the crime they've accused him of.

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I don't feel like dancing.

It's business as usual.

Rabbits are related to beavers and squirrels.

It was the right decision.

The bus stopped in every village.

Could you clear the table, please?

It's kind of late.

It had better work.

You may as well chew your food well.

She spoke above her breath.

I've been married three times.

Yes, he's at home.

I'll be at home all day tomorrow.

This spacecraft is powered by ion thrusters.

I owe him 50,000 yen.

This soup tastes like fish.

I'm very glad to hear that.

I just don't want you to get upset.

Amir is absent because he's in the hospital.

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Space lost all the money he had.

Her voice sounds very beautiful.

I wonder if there's a market for something like that.

What else did you tell Andries?

Cats have a dread of water.

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Has something like that ever happened to you?

Asia has many rural villages.

Everyone knows that it wasn't your fault.

Carolyn picked up the dice and threw them.

No more cookies!


Maybe we should go back to Boston.


She is being chased by a coyote.

Wet logs make for treacherous footing.

Connie always uses the rice cooker that he brought back from Japan.


I would rather have a cat than a dog.

I've made that same mistake myself.

Lexus was founded in 1983 by Toyota.

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"That's not so!" "It certainly is so."

During the Golden Week holidays, many volunteers went to the quake and tsunami-hit areas in Tohoku.

Herbert didn't seem to be interested in what I was saying.

She writes to her son every now and then.

He's not serious.

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I know she puts up with a lot from me.

How long, O Catiline, will you abuse our patience?

He ate up the steak and ordered another.


His dog ran in the yard.

He grew up to be a college football player.

Are you happy now, Nguyen?

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Lucius does what he's told.

That wouldn't help.

Get your hands off me.


Just looking at her, you can tell that she likes you.


He thinks me unkind, too.

He was under suspicion of being a spy.

The firm has added 25 new associates to work on mergers and other deals.


I helped Meehan do some chores.

We had a terrible fight.

Water has no calories.


I can remember some faces, but there are some people here I don't remember seeing.

It takes a lot of time to get used to married life.

I need medicine for my head. My head is heating up.

The boy turned out to be clever.

I was grateful.

Mike acted as chairperson of the meeting.

Tell me about your successes in business.

You must refuse to drink this drug.

You like him, don't you?


Carsten is a funny guy.