The writing portfolio of Sam Riordan, a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and former Narrative intern at Failbetter (Sunless Sea, Fallen London). Sam's resume can be found here.
Sam has a B.A. in Creative Writing and Architecture as part of the BXA Interdisciplinary Program, and has also studied RPG writing, game design, and interactive fiction as part of the IDeATe program.

This site hosts writing samples, divided into several categories. All of the writing hosted here was produced by Sam, though some works were completed as part of a larger collaborative project.

Writing for video games:

demi-landau, a pitch for a prospective sequel to Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage, including cutscenes, a step outline, and character profiles.

The Puppeteer, a horror text adventure in which you play a puppeteer getting ready for their next performance. A branching, nonlinear story with fifteen possible endings.

The Risen, The Bully, and The Bank, a text adventure in which players step into the shoes of a modern-day zombie and must navigate a seemingly mundane trip to the bank.

815-536-4600, a comical dating sim based on the Beauty and the Beast fairytale. Players take the role of the Beast, and must woo one of five fair maidens sent to their castle. Completed as part of a team for a Game Design course. Sam produced all of the writing, as well as some of the game design and UI elements.

hoggy, a quest based in the Dragon Age game series, about a young human noble and his missing elven lover. The quest’s progression differs based on the player’s race, and the choices they make.

(312) 419-2605, character outlines for two characters from an ongoing independent original project.


(215) 642-8307, a script written (and filmed and edited) during a 72-hour film event.