Out of all the attributes of the gods, the one I find most pitiable is their inability to commit suicide.

That English book is too difficult for me to read.

You're not a woman.

He is the love of my life.

Why don't you tell them?

I am not writing an article.

That charity is named after someone who contributed about two billion yen.

You must've had a very hard day.

My mother seldom watches TV at night.

Jenine is a hard-working family man.

I can't remember if Johann works with the deaf or the blind.

I have nothing to live for.


I never knew there were so many different kinds of insects.

Are you listening, Gunnar?

I can't believe you're not as excited as I am.

I want something to drink now.

Delivery of the materials took two whole months so it will be late for the 12th of December.

My stomach feels heavy.

That's reasonable.


How can it happened?

Rik is the killer.

I wonder what he actually thinks.

It's only money.

My advice would be to avoid Van today.


If it is wrongly used, the medicine will be a poison.


Each chapter in the textbook is followed by about a dozen comprehension questions.

I really don't want to get into it.

They're beautiful.

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She's wrapped up in her children.

With a hundred dollars, I could manage.

That is all we can do, so far.

Keiko is at the head of her class.

It was a lot harder than I had expected.

How do you propose to do that?

He made money from that business.

Corn pancakes are part of traditional peasant cuisine.

Let's wait and hear what Mikael thinks.

Roberto worked all night long.

Teri doesn't want to have children.


Oliver has met Terrance many times.

We can run away from everything, except from our conscience.

How long does the airport bus take to the airport?


Sho works very hard.

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Don't listen to this man.

I am winking at him, but he's not looking.

We went on a date by the river.

One hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours after.

Did you tape that concert?

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A light and happy heart is the best of gifts.

Can you charge your phone? I want to talk with somebody.

You look very happy.

Chicago's population is a lot bigger than that of Boston.

People are dying.

Don't everyone thank me at once.

Did that make them mad?

I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

I would like a sugar bowl like hers!


In any case, you must come here by ten.


He found few Tagalog books amongst the mostly English books at the Filipino bookstore.

I'm not a bully.

Celeste has a ticket.

How should I answer if she inquires after you?

Nicolette thought he'd broken a bone in his foot, but an X-ray showed that he hadn't.

She was invited.

I haven't gone to the movies since I got here.

I want you to take this medicine.

I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?


A lot of trees grow in the countryside.

You're my good omen.

The alloted time ticked quickly away.

I learned to dance when I was thirteen.

I eat dinner every evening at six o'clock.

She is the one who took care of his wound.

He'll be home a bit before five.

The scientists want more data.

She's Brazilian.

Do you have any idea who'd want Jamie dead?

This film was praised as a completely engaging thriller that works on almost every level.

Marnix spent the night alone in the woods.

Where's your other brother?


It is pleasant to watch a loving old couple.

Beverly turned the knob and pushed the door open.

My dream is to be a firefighter.

I like to watch her undress.

Speak of angels, and you will hear their wings.

Kathryn's injuries aren't life-threatening.

Bill often fails to keep his word.

He will come after all.

I never should've trusted them.

I will come in about two weeks.

You are on the air!

Life does not repeat its gifts.

The department store is always packed with customers.

Vistlik doesn't know who Hamilton has decided to give her old guitar to.

Her ignorant comments had the earmarks of a sheltered lifestyle.

Matt didn't go into details.

They look tired.

The cherry tree blooms earlier this year than usual.

It has been her dream to be a university professor.

I may do just that.

That's not what you said.

Vic knocked three times on the door.

We can't just leave him behind.


It's enough for a man to understand his own business, and not to interfere with other people's. Mine occupies me constantly. Good afternoon, gentlemen!

I hope nothing goes wrong.

Good night, dream something nice!

Cristopher always complains about what Ami does.

"I don't know," admitted Murray.

I went to the airport to see my friend off.

All my love, John.


Alastair might want this back one day.

I wonder what happened to Paul.

There were no seats left for the show.

Clearly, it would be worthwhile for me to read this book.

The grown-ups know.

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I think you might eventually change your mind.

I'm really happy with that.

I will see you on next Tuesday, that is to say, the 10th of September.

I just tried to stay focused.

Spock went to his room to study.

What did you do before?

Rodger will give Eddie the details later.

Studying three hours a week wouldn't be enough to learn a language well.


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We're not expecting you to help.

"That's an unusual hobby she's got, the transfer student." "She's cute so it's fine with me."

Is Dan aware of what he did?

They did everything in order to make money.

I have bread.

The best way to catch a train on time is to make sure to miss the one that precedes it.

I'm charging this amount to your bill.

Mother Teresa was given the Nobel prize.

I can't keep it.

Suu wants this room spotless.

Are you sure it's safe to move this dynamite?

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This must have cost a small fortune.


Can you share food with others in the face of famine?


Tell me about this guy.

Sekar was chuckling.

Sassan turned off his desk lamp and sat in the dark thinking about what he should do.

Don't worry about him, he's all words.

Mondays are not good for me.

I took a painkiller for my headache.

He joined the club last year.


All this may sound strange, but it is true.

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I don't have time to explain everything.

I think his opinion is of great importance.

Let's meet in front of the main gate at 2:30.


She was dressed in a faded cotton skirt.


That gives me an idea.


It works great. Thanks Galen!

Their job is to make fake orders, in order to cause trouble for the rival company.

Edwin has been very nice to me.

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The Russian language is a great thing. It seems that thing is too great for my small head!


I applaud your decision to quit smoking.

I'm sure Rand will be OK.

Share prices have been erratic this last month.

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Sid isn't really such a bad person.

She was arrested.

I think maybe Clem needs me.

I have just arrived here.

Swampy land is no use for building purposes.

That's why we have to leave.

We forgave you.

Curt works harder than anyone else does.

Greg worked until 2:30.


Perhaps I am the worst singer in the universe!

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Barton whistled.

I was dreaming about Vidhyanath.

Where do you keep your gardening tools?