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List was frightened and didn't want to be left alone.

I regret not being able to join you.

He must like taking walks.


Glad to be able to assist you.

Does it meet with your approval?

We had a hard time doing the job because he was always complaining.

Ian looks grateful.

We got this chair for nothing because the lady next door didn't need it anymore.

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I have an idea I'd like you to consider.

Poverty had taught him to stand on his own feet.

I want to continue this discussion tomorrow.

I was going to say that next.

Deirdre is real funny.

I usually watch documentaries.

Marsha and I jog together.

He is dead.

That's not standard English pronunciation.

Nobles do not exist merely because there is a peerage system. Even if there were no peerage system, there will be people who are naturally dominant and who will quickly rise to nobility. So much for our nobility then. Why, we are mere peasants.

You are ten minutes behind the appointed time.

I'm so sick of being sweaty.

He's a liar.

You haven't told anyone else, have you?

Your cat is fat.

Why don't you do it?

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

You've turned up at the right moment.

I have got it.

I wish I could go with you, but as it is, I can't.

Leonard is a bookworm.

I said that I could, not that I would.

Everyone knew everybody else.


Finland needs you.

The boy was good at mathematics so everybody considered him a genius.

I ate lunch two hours ago.

Some birds are flying high in the sky.

I want to file a complaint.

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Johann is a real estate agent.


The fish caught in this river are all nice.

Milo hardly ever talks about himself.

Americans eat a lot of meat.

At your age, you ought to know better.

Our college is far from the station.


That wasn't him.

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His untimely statement has not only let the cat out of the bag but also upset the apple cart for the peace move.

I see what you did there.

He lifted it up with all his might.

You don't look too busy.

I'll go and get you something to eat.

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Virtually the entire population is infected with one of eight herpes viruses.

I'm not worried.

Nobody knows it's my birthday today.

Lonhyn is very trusting.

I felt really positive.


Art behaved very badly.


I'll give you the link to the website.


What kind of shoes are you looking for?


Your opinion is important to me.

He goaded him on to ever more salacious revelations.

I know how to fix that.


The teacher looked over the examination papers.

Please let in some fresh air.

I'm pretty sure I'll be there.

I asked Bob to close the door.

Louiqa resigned three days after Caroline was fired.

I can't really afford the rent.

How about the taste?

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Dan didn't even offer Linda a ride.


I want us to be together again.

Aren't you supposed to be in Boston?

Earl turned around and looked at Conrad.

Nicolas seems approachable.

Pierre says he has an announcement to make.

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Greetings, stranger.

Rusty hasn't had time to do what you asked him to do.

She is teaching me.


He went to London a month ago.

How long did you know him?

Butter is sold by the pound.

Put these pictures up us for wall, please.

It seems obvious that he is sick.

She isn't my sister, she's my wife.

Have you told him yet?

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It could be a trap; don't let your guard down.

This case has an affinity with that one.

We should reform this law.

We'll continue this later.

I don't remember the last time I enjoyed myself this much.

"That's fine," replied the girl. "I'll take ten yards."

Actually, that's why I'm here.

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Watch where you step.

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He was never sick.

They are all very happy.

I want to know what happened to the pistol Arlene gave you.

Are you finished yet?

Izzy showed up at school wearing a nice dress.

Is there any souvenir shop around here?

I tiptoed to avoid waking the baby.

There are so many.

We're going to need a little more money.


I worked on a yearly contract.

Tad Jackson's obituary said that he was born in Boston.

I borrowed money from him.

It's a trap, isn't it?

The house was in flames.


I used to tell them everything.

I have no choice but to do that.

He is acquainted with the modern history of France.

She got home at seven.

You'd look good in that dress.

She could not but worry about her daughter.

Alberto has always been nice to me.

This sentence is in the present tense.

Shirley is extremely upset.

Charlene got Piercarlo to accept his help.

I don't discriminate.


The beauty of the scenery was beyond description.

The young man woos women for sport.

Don't show this to them.


The results of Siping's biopsy show that the tumor is cancerous.

Peter fell in love with the girl.

Ellen is smarter than Keith.

It wouldn't hurt.

What heavy traffic!

I'm going to sleep now.

Who will you go with?


Give me the password.

Can you help out?

Amarth was doing what he loved.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

They were anxious I would help them.

I had to work late yesterday.

The blind man felt his way toward the exit.

How can you avoid the dangers of the Internet?

We think that there should be no more wars.


Some day man will reclaim the desert for agriculture.

Revised likes to study in the library.

Pamela looked down at the fuel gauge.


This is Tommy's school.

I found it difficult to make myself heard because of the noise.

I acted on his advice.

A polar bear is a rectangular bear after a coordinate transform.

Leaders are trying to do away with impediments to economic growth.


We don't speak the same language.

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You must clean your hands before meals.

He is the love of her life.

Would anyone else like to speak?

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They spent a lot of time at work, but not working.

Would you help me post these letters?

A reception was given for the Japanese foreign minister.

I don't have the confidence to do that by myself.

The doctor advised me to give up smoking.

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Do you have any messages for me?

Out of my salary, I had begun to save a few dollars.

I want Sanjay to meet you.

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High fever is a prominent symptom of this disease.


Sofia's knee hurts when he walks up or down stairs.

She slowly disappeared into the foggy forest.

I could have sworn I saw Isabelle kissing Pria.

This is for you.

There are many sentences about DNA, but none about RNA.

Help! They're going to hit me!

Don't just sit there! Move!

We're not proud of it.

I have practiced piano every day for fifteen years.


They are susceptible to changes in fashion.