It can be told in a few words.

Let's give that a try.

I finally got a job.

Jean and Kate are twins.

Recently I lost weight.

He has a brother who lives in Tokyo.

He must have seen it.

You've made your point.

Nothing is as useful as a photocopier.


The people were in a line to get the signature of the president.

I wasn't even sure you knew it.

What time did he say he'd come?

The word is no longer in use.

He is a primary school teacher, so he is used to dealing with children.

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When their home star went nova, their civilization was destroyed.


Casper is eating snacks.

Read it after her.

That was a good time.

The tickets are 1,000 yen each.

I don't like the way that guy is looking at me.

Thanks a heap.

Where exactly should I put this?

She has a rose in her hand.

We have a composting toilet.

I don't think about it that much.

Let's review Lesson 5.

What can you tell me about Patrice?

If my brother hadn't helped me, I would've drowned.

I'd love to have dinner with you.

His failure was in reality due to his lack of care.

I know it's either Roberto or Terrence.

It's the second-coldest region in the country.

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English deformed several words of French.

That's not like her.

We insisted on rich and poor being treated alike.

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It took us six years to conquer Constantinople.

Eggs are getting more expensive.

Greek philosophers placed value on democracy.

Matthieu thinks he can prove it.

I know you want to keep it a secret.


The rules must be few, and more importantly, simple.


"Listen to me! Listen!" "I have. Now sit down and don't open your filthy mouth again."

Jitendra isn't a happy man.

One should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry.


I wrote down his name so I wouldn't forget it.

He has been to Hawaii several times.

Banks closed their doors.

Pamela has been made a supervisor.

Avoid prolonged use of the console. To help prevent eye strain, take a break of about 15 minutes during every hour of play.


There were tons of people at the park.

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The waitress greeted me with a smile.

What makes you think I'll like it?

Murat told him not to waste his time.

I know that it sounds crazy, but you've got to believe me.

I was in bed by nine.

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Both of my brothers are married.

There's one cup on the table.

It's very close.

She is a sophomore.

It's all Terrance can do not to cry.

Please do not forget capital letters and punctuation!

I was eating dinner then.


I'm really glad I came here.

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Sue likes to wear tight clothes.

Give us all of it.

Vijay felt a little stupid.

She is giving a party tonight.

In addition to being a pianist, she is a painter.


If this text had been in Latin, it is probable that they would have already translated it.

You are still scared

Ravi can swim, can't he?

If it should rain, he will not come.

We'll all miss you.


You certainly deserve a break.

What size do you take?

How come you've never been here before?

Books must follow sciences, and not sciences books.

Earl stayed in the hotel.

Catherine wanted to go to the shopping center.

My uncle's blog posts about his travels in Thailand have piqued my interest in Asian culture.


How do you know that Roxane has never been to Boston?


The joint in my left elbow hurts.

Nadeem isn't bossy.

I was about to commit suicide.

Nobody can help them.

They will announce the winner tomorrow.

He could not control his anger.

Were I in your position, I would oppose that plan.

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Don't say a word to anyone.

Why don't you give me a ride?

Where will you go?

Liz isn't yet old enough to live alone.

These days, people rarely wear patches on their elbows and knees.


Cristina let go of Case's hand.

That's a very insidious disease. You don't notice it until it's too late.

We're going to go get them now.

Space was very angry and wouldn't speak to Stacey.

The sea grew wilder and wilder.

The floor is cold.

What was the nature of the relationship between Pratapwant and Sheila?

Do you know a good place to have lunch?

Today is not good for me.


We don't know what happened to Johan.


I'd like to introduce you to my parents.

I thought you wanted to talk to me.

Kyu has the information we need.

Goodbye everyone!

For personal reasons.

If you have a problem with that, talk to the boss.

I'm sure I'll be able to do it sooner or later.

You can't say that civilization doesn't advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way.

She pretended not to hear me.

No, thanks. I don't drink beer.

I think that puts an end to the debate.

Will computers one day become smarter than humans?

I hear you've already contacted the broker.

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He gave me a book.


She has been a photographer all weekend.

Thuan and Amarth were sitting next to each other on the plane.

This is the same dictionary as I have.

What does this have to do with me?

The plane took off one hour behind time.

We need to work together to find a solution to our mutual problem.

You are only young once.


1. Finely chop the chicken breast meat.


When you go, I'll miss you very much.


Is the festival free?

Why did you quit working for Mickey?

The authorities sent in troops to quell the riot.

Don't overreact to the bad news -- take it easy.

The climate of Japan is not like that of England.

Vadim is a little taller than Rusty.

He bawled and screamed about what turned out to be an easily fixable problem.

That's the number.

Lol, this is so funny.


They disputed about whose turn it was to take the trash out.

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Jeanette was never my friend.

Mother bought me a new bicycle.

I can hardly make a speech without feeling nervous.

The premier announced his intention to undertake drastic reforms in parliament.

I wouldn't do it any other way.

Did Carole succeed?

What makes you smile?


I am married and I have two sons.

The question is left in abeyance.

Can we have a word with Plastic?

You are judged by appearances at first but by your mind later on.

Oh, Lois! This is great timing. There's something I wanted to ask you.


Your life may be in danger.

He telegraphed me his congratulations.

This is a very hard mattress.

He lifted his hat politely.

Fathers and teachers, I ponder, "What is hell?" I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.


No one ever knew the true story except the three of us.

This year is a new challenge for me.

I'm nothing like you.

What did Cathryn shout at Hienz?

How drunk were you last night?

Do you have much to do with your neighbours?

I am against the war, of course.

What decided the end of the Roman Empire?

We must turn back.

Polly walked out on stage.

If you want to cry, cry.

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Sally doesn't like men who act like Hazel.

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There goes our bus.