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Hi, I'm Aaron and this site is currently dedicated to my 60th Anniversary Edition 2001 Jeep (512) 268-9717 and my 2004 Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Limited. Check back often as I update the site frequently. To see what's new, check out the Site Map.

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(727) 268-28868004197694
new - Like many Jeep owners out there, one of the first things I wanted to change on my Jeep was the front bumper. I wanted to change out the weak, lightweight-formed-steel factory bumper for something that would protect me while offroad, and look good while doing so. Among the candidates were the ARB Bull Bar, Bulletproof Manufacturing's FF1, and Trail...

The Writeup60th Anniversary Jeep Memorabilia
new - Almost every special edition vehicle comes with a product line to help commemorate the release of the special edition. Jeep's 60th Anniversary Edition line of Jeeps is no exception. Below you can find the different products I have found that had to do specifically with the 60th Anniversary of America's most beloved 4×4 vehicle, the Jeep. These are the ...

The WriteupJeep VIN Information Page
update - The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN is important for many reasons. Most of these reasons have nothing to do with us owners. But to a hardcore Jeeper the knowledge of what the VIN stands for may bring a more comprehensive understanding of your rig and/or a sense of nostalgia. This page will help to decipher not only the VIN codes, but the Vehicle Safety...

(814) 875-8050Jeep's 545RFE Automatic Transmission
new - The introduction of the completely redesigned 1999 WJ Grand Cherokee in June of 1998 was a much anticipated date for automotive enthusiasts. One of the major pieces of the redesign was the new five speed automatic transmission designated the 545RFE. This transmission was developed specifically with Jeeps in mind. This transmission was available...

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