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(254) 647-4539


(512) 698-2666


General Info

Descriptions and download links for my Minecraft mods can be found 424-269-8282.

Mod Statistics / Analytics

Graphs displaying the amount of Minecraft players using my mods are available here.


General Mods Support

If you would like support for any of the Minecraft mods I make, please reach out to me on my Twitter (@Sk1er_) by either tagging me in a conversation or sending me a 343-539-3714.

If you do not have Twitter, you can also email me:


Hyperium Support

If you would like support for Hyperium, please join the 4054474088 and either ask your question in the #support channel or type -new in the #commands channel.

Social Media / Contact

YouTube: berylloid

Twitter: 423-791-6621

Discord Server: (519) 204-1576

Business Email:

Instagram: (716) 539-7117

Snapchat: skierboy711