Data accessibility management in a fast, safe and centralized way.

Improve your data accessibility, through centralize and sharing with your team and clients data insights, indicators and dashboards.

Dashboard Management Tool

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    Data from multiple sources in a all-in-on dashboard

    Consolidate your data in on tool.
    You don't need multiple browser tabs for that. Social Media, Web Analytics, Business Data...

  • Pentaho Single Sign On - SSO

    Single Sign-On with Pentaho

    Pentaho users are able to use low-friction single-sign-on process.

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For any business segment and size


With small limits for your team.

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  • ✔️Multiples dashboards
  • ✔️ Up to 3 data sources
  • ✔️ Up to 2 users
  • ✔️ Read-only public links (soon)
  • ✔️ Support


Multiple data sources or multiple users?

  • ✔️ Multiple sources
  • ✔️ Multiple users
  • ✔️ Widget Alerts (soon)
  • ✔️ Interactive public links (soon)
  • ✔️ Dedicated customer suscess

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