Thoughtless speech may give rise to great mischief.

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Could she be cheating on me?

Everyone thought we were going to lose.

Sheesh, that Keiko - she's cute or she's hateful, just can't make her out.

They sat in the shade of that big tree.

Vic said that.

Why didn't you just kiss Rob?

Curt thought that he was very lucky.

You have an overactive imagination.

I blew my breath against the mirror.

His account of the accident accords with yours.

I was a fool to trust Ramadoss.

Brad just got divorced, too.

Shape up or ship out!

It was a dark night, with no moon.

What am I supposed to think?

Monty wants to dance.

The beautiful blonde was sunbathing on the beach.


She was cheated into buying worthless stock.

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We should have been fully aware of this risk all along.

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He went to New York by airplane.

What's the biggest difference?

What does it mean to develop a sound architecture?

What did she do to her hair?

How are you getting along these days?

To survive in a hostile environment, one must be able to improvize and be tenacious.

A man can't always be a hero, but he can always be a man.

I would very much appreciate it if you would help me, not Sharada.

Can you elaborate on this a little more?

Get down on the floor!

I have a few things I have to do.

Does Murray have to do that?

Maybe one day you'll understand me.

What languages are spoken in America?

An infidel's greatest defeat is ending up in paradise.

I didn't sleep a wink last night.

Lincoln's plan was good.

I thought you were unemployed.

I have to take you home now.

Ram acted suspiciously when the police came to search his office.

That'll be seven dollars, please.


Mario made a bookcase.

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They don't want us to see what they're doing.

William was supposed to protect us.

At what time are we going to get a bite to eat, with all that?


Dion grew up in Boston.


And in many countries, where the animals are already under pressure because their homes are being destroyed by agriculture, things can get even worse.


Jay says that he'll wait for us.


The car isn't worth repairing.

Jacobson is a big railroad executive.

Do they get up early in the morning?

Look up at the sky.

Snow reminds me of my hometown.

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That's a crime against humanity!


My idea is that we should talk to Mr Brown.


I didn't look at my feet.

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Please have some pie.

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How much is this umbrella?

They loved each other.

All the hot guys are already taken.

He returned to the country whence he came.

Can this get any worse?

I'm sorry for what I said. I was out of line.

He doesn't tell lies.

"Manpower" is the world's largest temp agency.

Should I tell?

Ah-you've gone all red. Riku - that's so cute!! Ha-haha.

It's not clear whether the cucumber infected the people, or if the people infected the cucumber.

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Deborah didn't speak.

Not all birds build nests.

Sergio returned fire.

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What do you really think?

Ramesh didn't seem to remember me.

Derek had a pistol.


Subra is coming to.

Bea put the bowl of popcorn on the table.

Surely there was something we could've done.

He has become fond of sports.

Why don't you take a look at this data?

Can I bring you anything else?

Edgar swore that he'd quit smoking.

Getting married is a serious matter.

Are you ready for the truth?


I must remind you of your promise.

Sehyo is hungry now.

How is that significant?


Joel could use our help.


Calvin's eyes widened.

Amy takes a pill with vitamins and minerals every day.

We'll miss Becky a lot.

Emily looks worried, too.

I've told you everything I can think of.

How did your meeting with Terrance go?

Did you happen to see them?

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My dog died last winter.

It was still night.

Cold numbs the limbs.


Bruce looked around at everyone.

A woman is capable of failing to notice the hundred things that you've done her, and to address only the one that you haven't.

I'm hoping to do just that.


I've kind of gotten used to living in a tent.


Do you want me to take you home?

What an idea!

Silent waters run deep.


In living through these uncertain times, it is necessary to be flexible and not be a captive to traditional values.

Your daughters are beautiful.

Many Germans travel to Greece every summer.

Hot lemon with honey is a good remedy for colds.

You'll be quite safe here.

Can we at least think about it for a minute?

I've told him where to meet us.

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Traveling by boat is a lot of fun.


Some ships are going out now.

This might lead us to believe that a simple culture would make use of a simple language, that a complex culture would make use of a complex language, and so on.

His plane leaves for Hong Kong at 2:00 p.m.


I'm not freaking out.

He explained to Piotr why he was late for her birthday party.

It is necessary to put something by against days of need.

What do you say we get back to work?

You shouldn't eat any fish that come from this river.

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Joel is pudgy.

I'm going to show you something amazing.

I don't want you to do another thing.

We call the mountain Tsurugidake.

I'd like to introduce you to my parents.


He is good at solving complicated mathematical problems.

What's the deal?

Would you like to listen?

I need you to take a look at this.

Tim drinks only bottled water.

How many hours of sleep do you need?

I let them catch me.

What did I just tell you a few minutes ago?

The caterpillar is turning into a butterfly.

Aaron wears strange clothes; people often laugh at the way he dresses.

He called out loudly, but nobody heard him.

I want an attorney.

I saw her only a week ago.


My sister has become a good pianist.


She's cruel.

We called on him last night.

Somebody's breathing on my face. It's disgusting.

Only thirty people showed up for Lex's recital.

Stacy's parents weren't happy.

We were in danger of losing our lives.

Carlos climbed onto the roof.

You know you want it!

He is in want of exercise.

Why's everybody so quiet?

Linda said he wouldn't shoot an unarmed man.

The implication was that where there was a well, there were residents.

I was just about to get started any-how.

This is going to take forever.

Isaac is having trouble making ends meet.

It isn't what I thought.

She always looks happy, but she is not happy at all.

They filled in the blanks.

John sometime goes overboard in drinking.

I sent about 2.2 billion spam emails over a period of around one and a half years.

Do you think that I'm not trying my best?

What is it you like about Alexander?

I like English so much, but sometimes it is very difficult for me.


Watch me.


I've been toiling away in the kitchen all afternoon.