It cost me a thousand yen to get my bicycle fixed.

She did not so much as smile at me.

People care more about animals that are big and have a name.


She hasn't said a word.

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I was told you were an expert.


Whenever I try to talk about it, he changes the subject.

I've been good.

That's pretty hard to forget.

Who are you and what are you doing here?

East Indian sexuality has been influenced by recent colonial history. By no means are the levels of libido homogeneous throughout India, of course.

Watching TV is a big waste of time.

"Shall I take a message?" "No, thank you."

What was the last station?

It's the first house after you turn the corner.

The clock was working, but the alarm had not gone off.

Of the two of them, the taller one went out first.

Rajendra just can't stop looking at Ozan.

Do you know?

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The traffic crept along at a snail's pace.


Mechael has decided to go.

Did Marilyn talk to you?

It will be easy.


I need something for a child.

Izchak isn't naive anymore.

It seemed that her family had moved to Hokkaido.

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The dog wouldn't let go of the ball.

I don't know about things like that.

We will keep it for you until you leave.

That would be a waste of his talent.

I don't know whether I should believe Dan or not.

Champagne is the drink of the angels.

Isabelle is quite stubborn, isn't he?

What is considered impolite in one language may not be considered impolite in another language.

Pleased to meet you.

Stop it. You're being ridiculous.

Glaciers are melting because of global warming.

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Cars are already parked like that on the sidewalk.

Maybe we should talk about this first.

Roland made his position clear.

I'll stay in Beijing for four days.

Shatter changed into his uniform.


Debbie found me a good job.

The earth travels in an orbit around the sun.

The planet Sakura is 4.7 light-years away.

Theo still has headaches.

I can't even believe I'm doing this.

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Am I polishing the poisonous apples?

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Academic fraud is more common than you might think.


This is powerful stuff.

I want to change jobs.

As soon as Pinocchio was in bed, he fell fast asleep and began to dream.


He reached out for the sugar that was on the other table.

If it is raining, I won't go out tonight.

If you want to avoid cholesterol, eat lean meat with no fat.

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Trevor is warm.

If you act in such a childish way, then you will be treated as child.

The origin of the universe will probably never be explained.

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Please drop in when you happen to be in the neighborhood.

What happened to all our money?

They love you all.

Stupidity knows no bounds.

I didn't want to believe it.

Hillary decided to postpone the decision.

Today didn't go well.


I don't really want to talk about it.

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I really don't understand what you're talking about.


So, what should we do now?

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She writes to her pen pal in London twice a month.


President Roosevelt opposed the decision.


Friendliness is a thing of the past.

Like most other squirrels, flying squirrels live high up in the treetops.

Tell me why you don't like him.

Directing is what all actors say they want to do.

It will clear up soon.

You won't find much news in today's newspaper.

Who gave them to me?


My luggage didn't arrive. What happened?


Daren pretended she was her older sister.

I saw the moon above the roof.

This motel has a swimming pool.

There was little question how they would vote.

I thought I'd take Konstantinos out for dinner.

Pay attention to what he's saying!

I would ask the question differently.

Heinrich arrived on time in spite of the storm.

Canada has thirteen provinces and territories.

George called Gail.

This job is kind of boring.

He died before I arrived.

I have three sisters.

Mick wanted to see justice done.

I am Siberian.

Modern harps have a series of pedals that enable the performer to tune the instrument to any diatonic scale.

Seenu is certain to show up.

I need to start saving money.

She is a temp.

I'll make Janice do it.

I experienced intense cold at the South Pole last year.

Please make sure the drinking water is pure.

She's two years younger than he.

There was one option left.

You should diversify your portfolio.

Do you think the shooting was accidental?

How many people live in Australia?

My brain doesn't seem to be working well today.

I expect him to pass the examination.

If you do something that stupid, you'll be laughed at.

That all happened in the space of three seconds.

The ship turned upside down and many passengers were thrown into the sea.

You can't make someone like you.

Even though I have studied English at school for the past six years, I'm still not good at speaking it.

The government didn't take appropriate measures to prevent the infection from spreading.

What is soap made of?

I'm not a Liechtensteiner, but a Swiss.

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Foreign people intrigue me.


Maybe you should try couples therapy.

It's cold out there.

They turned to look at her.

He was detected in the very act of stealing.

I think I'll ask Elijah for some advice.

She was wearing a green coat with a matching mini-skirt.

If in this self-portrait I seem to be staring at you, I'm not.

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You have my number. Call me sometime.


No matter what may come, I will do my duty.


Shadow never thought Shirley would ever actually graduate from college.

I'd like Martha to rest.

Sriram was gone when I got home.

Why doesn't he have anything to say?

Most people here are pretty friendly.

Is this your pager?

Our team did very well.

The room is too small.

Originally they were farmers.

There's nothing to negotiate.

Gunter was unconscious.

Our house is a beautiful, blue balloon.

I had my watch repaired.

I don't know exactly what to say.

He fled his country.

The gold was beaten into thin plates.

Claudia and Kevyn are rich.

I'm never going to Boston.

Tolerant usually takes a bus to work.

His work was supervising the labourers on the site.

My house is nice.


I should've gone to Boston with Bob.


Do you know how to eat with chopsticks?

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Don't study.

The chance of rain is low.

Reinhard arrived after midnight.

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That boy is intelligent.

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The Italians often drink coffee.

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The Voyager 2 mission provided more information about Uranus and its moons than had been gathered since the planet's discovery.

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What did she buy at the shop?


Pete controlled everything.

Christopher Columbus once stared at Medusa, and Medusa turned to stone.

He is a little bit of a retard.

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Ro suddenly realized what he had just done.

She wets her bed at night.

You can go to the station by bus.


It's only a temporary solution.