I swear to God I didn't kill Dorian.

I'm sure Elliott will do what we ask him to do.

What's the matter with you? Are you nuts?

Is that going to happen soon?

Maybe I lack the talent for marrying.

The temperature is falling.


We were there a long time.


The more things I have, the more I am going to have to clean.


I enjoy working out in the gym.

Please remember to come and see us this weekend.

You didn't let me finish.


I always find contentment in a good book.

Can't you even do simple arithmetic?

I am sure that Greg is going to follow in his father's footsteps.


I'll make you a drink.

Why are we listening to them?

The battle ended before they got there.

She was nearly without any money.

Mosquitoes seem to be more attracted to people wearing dark clothes.

It was quite right of her to do that.

Did you know Paul died in Boston?


I'd love to see them.

Don't judge a person by his appearance.

I found a dinosaur fossil in my garden.

I can offer you something to drink.

I just wanted to say that I love you.

What does he want?

Sunil slept like a baby.


He is about your age.

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It happend completely by accident.


All men are mortal. Randy is a man. Therefore, Saify is mortal.

Sonny should be out of jail by now.

I didn't want to work there.


I'm sure you'll be able to do the job.


You don't need millions to be happy.

Josh wasn't home at the time.

They haven't called.

I forgot the book at home.

Everything's just like it used to be.

I need to stretch my legs.

I had the porter take my suitcases to my room.

I'm very sorry.

How did you help her?

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Gill is not good at masking her emotions.

Who said anything about retiring?

The evidence left no room for uncertainty.


Wendy stared into Marion's eyes.

Guns don't kill people, people with guns do.

The show Hoarders is one of the primary causes of armchair psychology in the United States.


Why don't I ever win?


She's a slut.

We were kidnapped.

Am I ready to go?

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I was not as strong as my father.

There's no time to lose.

I know you're not yourself today.

What an amazing palace we saw yesterday!

There's no entertainment in the countryside.


That's what my dad always says.

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He has a hatred for his father.

We're related by marriage.

She makes careful choices when she buys clothes.


Don't rely on him much.

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I've never seen him like that.

She put the book in the bag.

Muiriel is an Indian.

Dieter asked Sanand to marry him soon after they'd met.

I share everything with Niels.

She was on the high wire.

Cris certainly is fat.

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There is one catch.

I really want you near me.

Tell me where you were at the time of the murder.

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The crowd went wild when the news was announced.

I have Elliott's picture right here.

How old were you when you went to the movies for the first time?

I am beginning to like Ken little by little.

Rhinos are being illegally killed.

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There's too much pineapple glaze on the ham.


Jack insisted on having a living room to himself.

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I'll join you in a moment.

She was kind to everybody.

How about getting Maarten a cold drink?


What did you do with that?

He became deaf ringing the bells.

She's not the marrying type.

When left to my own devices, I tend to daydream and get lost in a series of tangential thought patterns.

I don't like to speak in front of people.

There's just one problem here.

The Administration has already established the toughest fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles in U.S. history. These standards require an average performance equivalent of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.

My office is in the central area of the city.

I'm not bringing her.


Don't beat me!


Is everybody OK?

We agree on this point.

Don't swear!


I support that idea.

How does Lucifer fit into this?

Virgilius was fond of books, and pored over them all day long.

Randall is suffering from a serious illness.

He is staying here with a view to learning Japanese.

Suffering from terminal cancer, he was thrown out of a certain veteran hospital in New York three times because he adamantly rejected blood transfusions.

Everything sucks.

The soldiers are shipping off tomorrow.

What is an open folder?

How's my dad doing?

I bought Marty a remote controlled fire truck and he seems very happy with it.

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I don't like needles.

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Heinrich is young and naive.

Do you need bread, sausage and cheese?

You know that's impossible.

I think about Vladislav a lot.

Acid acts on things which contain metal.

I think she hates me.

Is it in the room?

Where's my shirt?

Every man is a potential corpse.

She asked him how to turn on the machine.

At one time there were many slaves in America.

Everybody's home.

Now this is your problem, not mine.

Pradeep wouldn't tell me anything.

He set out to read the book through in a day.

I used to own an excavation business, and run backhoes.

What's your favorite topic of conversation?

I hope I can see you soon.

When you encounter difficulties, friends can help you deal with them.

We'll solve this together.

The game consists of staying the longest possible time without moving.

That there are various conflicts, frictions, within the races of man is a point made clear within this book as well.

I'm going to a garden party.

It is easier to sympathize with sorrow than to sympathize with joy.

I really want them near me.

Is it morally wrong to eat the meat from some animals, but not other animals?

I heard the report.

You were a no show.

I'm married to her.


I spoke to Leslie last night.

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We won't be talking about that at all.

I don't think this is such a good idea.

Timo was stabbed in the chest three times.

He's really an expert in his field.

I'm the one who pays all the bills.

Two pints are equal to a quart.

You look terrific.

What, in your opinion, is the solution to the problem?

Sorry about yesterday.

I have nothing to tell you about it.

Gilles wasn't ready to accept Sherri's love or friendship.

Several boys had to leave school early yesterday.

An own goal occurs when a player scores a goal into his team's net.

I need to find the keys to my house.

You don't have to tell me again.

Canada has thirteen provinces and territories.

I thought you were planning to be here earlier.


Many people did not want to believe that this was a fabricated story.

Casper has been doing this since he was a kid.

His first military experiences took place in the war between the British colonial empire and the Boers, who sought independence.

I want to wait for him.

Everyone must keep the law.


I will take you to my palace tomorrow.

Indra doesn't want to join our group.

He hates carrots.

Carole now warns that his father's will will probably be carried out completely.

I pruned one.