Big Blue invests $ 1.2 billion in the construction of 15 data centers around the world. The goal: to catch up on Amazon Web Services by doubling its public cloud infrastructure capabilities, the strong point of its competitor. IBM is determined not to let itself be in the public cloud. …



IT is approaching the vision of the automated service machine. Technological advances in automation and virtualization are contributing to this. However, the highest level of automation can only be achieved with factory-matched hardware and software components. Does it make any sense economically to provide employees or customers with IT services …

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Landesk has introduced Fuse, a configurable self-service portal that allows users to directly access applications and IT services. Fuse is part of the Total User Management Suite and combines service offerings across various IT disciplines, including third-party products that can be integrated into the portal. Self service for applications and …


Cloud security: The skill gap is delaying the cloud transition

Poor talent is worse than no talent, and too many businesses lack both skills and talent for cloud security. A new report from McAfee highlights new advantages when it comes to security in the cloud. The report shows that one of four organizations that using infrastructure as a service (IaaS) …

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Cloud computing: The basic things you need Know

The cloud in cloud computing is a network of servers where data is stored on the Internet. Cloud is used to store, secure and process data on behalf of local servers or PCs at a rapid and efficient rate. It is operated, developed and managed by the cloud service provider …

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Adobe is redesigning the Creative Cloud

Adobe announces today the “2014 release” of the Creative Cloud. Packaged software, all inclusive application programs are renewed in one go. In the further development, Adobe claims to have, inter alia, to take into account a new self-image of creatives , the growing use of mobile devices and the ever-better …

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Cloud computing is the new norm

Cloud computing

The keynote on the first day was opened by AWS manager Andrew Jassy with the announcement “This is not a sales and marketing conference”. Rather, the re: invent is one on which developers and customers can train, network and exchange Cloud computing information. Cloud computing With Amazon Aurora vs Oracle …

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Without a cloud policy, the risk becomes too great cloud services

cloud services

There is hardly a market expert who still has doubts that cloud services will play an important role in companies’ sourcing strategies in the future . Such application and infrastructure services are easy to acquire and also independent of the IT department to introduce. However, this raises the question of …

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Strong euro slows down SAP’s financial statements


SAP earned less operating revenue in the fourth quarter of 2017 than analysts expected. The fault is the strong Euro. Nevertheless, the result remains stable at 2.36 billion euros compared to the previous year. Europe’s largest software manufacturer SAP has been slowed down by the strong euro in the traditionally …