Mine owners refused to negotiate.

I burnt my tongue.

I never want to see your face again.

Ghosts can possess people.

They have a lot in common.

They spent more time kissing than watching the movie.

I thought you said you had to work.

Do you have something with keys?


In the evening they came to a large forest, and they were so weary with sorrow and hunger and the long walk, that they lay down in a hollow tree and fell asleep.

You gotta get more organized.

I get off work around midnight.

Many native speakers of Japanese have trouble hearing the difference between B and V.

Lievaart was dirty and stank to high heaven.


It's quite a jump from one side of the brook to the other.

You may take either of the books.

Greg watched the sled dog race.

He could swim fast enough to pass the test.

The dismantling of the British Empire was relatively peaceful.


'Poor boy!' said the old poet again, taking him by the hand, and leading him into his room. 'Come to me, and we'll soon make thee warm again, and I will give thee some wine, and some roasted apples for thy supper, my pretty child!'

They can burn more easily.

What was the author thinking while he was writing this book?

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Syd came to my office yesterday.

Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.

Can I drive you home?

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He accomplished the work as planned.

At least we should try.

Dorian jumped off the pier.

"Do you like sports?" "Yes, I like baseball, among other things."

The army decided to clone hundreds of copies of the handsome, athletic man.

Three is all we need.

I've written three letters.

Translator, traitor.

Hey, thanks for everything.

Are you worried about global warming?

If you ever do that again, be careful!


My muscles were aching and I was tired.

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Lou didn't live in Boston last year.

Have the devil's own luck.

That seems suspicious to me.

The town was defended by a large army.

She fixed me with an angry stare.

You should have taken all that into consideration.

I have a small gift for Prakash.

We're going to get there before them.

I just want to stay in the car.

Here are a few coppers.

I know that sound.

I've given up trying to please everyone.

You sure are pretty.

Liquor will have an effect on a person.

I don't disagree with your decision.

If something doesn't make sense, it probably isn't logical.

Our forces occupied the city.

When did Nanda and Joe start going out with each other?

Why do humans fear monsters? They are the worst monsters in the world!


What do you think they're celebrating?

A lot of people were killed in the war.

The news was surprising.


We'll go home.

There's fruit and meat in this market.

Don't come to school just for fun.

He has a small frame.

A person can't be taught anything - he/she can learn only him/herself.

Pim earns $300,000 a year.

Reiner asked how much we had paid.

Coming home having accomplished his task, Florian appeared larger.

How bad was Wolfgang hurt?

I'll get some for you right away.

He couldn't get his ideas across to the students.

The main reason to vote out IMHO is not immigration or the economy, although these are important, but the dangerous lack of democracy in the EU set-up. It's designed to give the illusion of being democratic, with elections and an elected parliament, but in actual fact it's not really democratic at all.

The bad weather delayed the plane for two hours.


Of course, I'm serious! Is it not written on my face?

I've decided to become a scientist.

We haven't seen her of late.

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We should save wild animals.

I refuse to be ignored any longer.

We hope you will understand the difficult circumstances we're working under.

I had to tell Himawan that myself.

Give her something to drink.


Let the celebrations begin.

His handling of the ball borders on wizardry.

The problem isn't ours.

I'd like a vodka and tonic.

I have written many plays, but never a poem.

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Employers sometimes exploit their workers.


Believe it or not, that is true.


She came here as soon as she heard it.

Wayne was glad to see Per and John getting along so well.

How will you escape?

Hell will have frozen over before those idiots fifure out what to do

Shuvra doesn't know why.

You are my friends

Manny said he'd almost given up.

Although I've already eaten, I'm still hungry.

Pascal was unprepared for the scathing criticism meted out to him by his boss.

Blake has bitten off more than he can chew.

There are holidays soon.

I want a bit of cake.

When will you come back to school?

His name is known to all.

Why should Eddy want to see Ross?

I thought it was a beautiful funeral service.

I'd like to invite you to the party.


Shaw didn't know the gun was loaded.


Nazi comparisons are inappropriate in every situation.

I'll talk to them about it.

There is always some aspect of poverty wherever you look. It's all in your head.


Cindie has a plan, right?

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The laughter died away.


Derek and Jack were speaking softly in French.

Where's Sho going with Dwight?

My mother anticipates all my desires.

Love is a game in which one always cheats.

I can't understand why John turned down a job as good as that.

When was the last time you helped Marci do his homework?

The elephants are drinking water.

This is a historical moment.

Are you really going to let Moe go there by himself?


I was so happy that day.

I want to file a complaint.

Most of Jeff's friends were boys.


He paid all his debts, which is the proof of his honesty.

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We'd like to have a word with Tad.

Where the hell are you?

I never meant to hurt her.

Our top priority is to settle the dispute once and for all.

We're ready now.

Are you sure you know where Mosur's house is?

Do you have any water?

It seems pretty obvious.

I need another chance.

Robot voices are really creepy to me.

Terrence is three inches taller than his wife is.


You will soon hear from him.

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Marty is required to wear a suit and tie to work.

It's nothing I can't handle.

I have some pictures that I think that you might be interested in seeing.

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The children spent a lot of time in the open air.


It's not moralism.

Can we call him now?

I don't like your suggestion.

I'm fed up with this wet weather.

You can build a pinhole camera with a shoe box.

You are old enough to be independent of your parents.

You may always use my dictionary.

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He traveled about the world.

It wasn't hard.

Look that word up in the dictionary.

I thought I saw someone I knew.

Putin is a dickhead!

They recognized Jarmo.

Come on, you can have a swim in my pool.


This apple juice is 100% pure.

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What's your favorite domestic wine?

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His behavior, as I remember, was very bad.


Tovah and Rogue don't see much of each other anymore.

Where's the North?

I know what I want. I just haven't found it yet.

I'm going to go say goodbye to Todd.

Is the wine red?


I can run as fast.

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Tango is the vertical expression of horizontal desire.


That's not how I remember it.


The President refused to answer the question.