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Welcome eEncompass

Become part of the solution.

  • Equip yourself with early advanced information on environmental situations.
  • Approach environmental issues in a preemptive manner as apposed to reactive.
  • Become part of the Monitoring, Repair/recover environmental process
  • Provide environmental information that can lead to diagnosing problems before they become unwanted environmental situations.
  • Save time and effort and easily maintain accurate and standardised records.
  • Generate your documentation to assist in, record keeping, Auditing, Accounting
  • Provide a standardised format to manage your environment.
  • Suggest features and enhancements, That may be cost effective or may lead to the enhancement of existing and future yields.

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*Please Note the locations and alerts are fictional and are for testing only*


Current Observations [6]

giant hogweed (Recorded 8 months)
giant hogweed (Recorded 6 months)
leafy spurge (Recorded about 1 month)
Sod Webworm (Recorded about 1 month)
spiny plumeless thistle (Recorded 8 months)
giant hogweed (Recorded 20 days)
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