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One 2 One

Our technology allows people to communicate face to face or over the internet without requiring a keyboard or voice. Amongst many uses an ideal Safe resource for people who have a condition where their voice or movement has become restricted. With the addition of instant translation that switches between users a perfect solution for millions of people from a variety of sectors where languages are a barrier.

Multi-lingual Forms

Imagine all your forms or menus being available to your customers in a multitude of translations that can switch language between users instantly.Our patented technology takes it one stage further by also enabling a two way conversation within the form/menu allowing further opportunities and saving companies huge costs and frustrations.

Multi-lingual Text Alert

Your son has not turned up for school, your daughter has had an accident, please come quickly, my taxi hasn't turned up etc are all emergency SMS messages that are used every day. Imagine now them switching language from sender to receiver.This feature could be useful to so many sectors it could also save lives.

Safe Social Network

Incorporating our TouchPhrase technology into a social network can not only make it totally safe for young children and vulnerable adults but with the addition of a translation interface it can open instant totally accurate communication for millions of people around the world.

Bolt-on Chat Room

There are many communities ,companies and organisations around the world that would love the ability to communicate with their members, customers or staff globally but language is a barrier. With our technology we can create your own chat rooms with your choice of subjects, phrases and languages and add it to your website for private or open use.



Chabble is a Revolutionary Communication and Activity platform delivered in several ways that can change the lives of people living with a condition where Speech or Movement is restricted. Our 'Assistive Technology' allows users to express daily needs, emergency situations, medical and emotional requirements, promotes cognitive development both online and offline, connecting with other people instantly via one-to-one conversations. Simple touch with one finger, (no voice or keyboard are required) Chabble is available on iOS and Android or as a Chabblet complete with hardware.



When Specialfriends.com was launched several years ago as a Safer Social Network for people of all abilities it attracted thousands of members from over 55 countries around the world. Its members not only felt a little safer than some other sites but it also offered them the chance to meet new friends who understood them. Specialfriends has several levels of security and a group of people who have not only built quick friendships but in some cases everlasting. The site is currently going through a revamp to attract more likeminded people, add several new features, but at the same time keep it friendly and fun.


UniTalk are proud to partner with Keep Children Safe Online CIC a nonprofit organisation that teaches children how to stay safe on the internet. Using our protected TouchPhrase Technology we have created a safe and secure chat room for their members called 'MonkeyChat'. Children as young as 4 can enter this totally safe chat room, which is made up of pre-set phrases and enjoy talking to friends around the world about a wide range of subjects, some educational, some very silly but all within a safe and fun environment. This also educates children for when they start using other adult Social Networks.