This tree is tall.


As science went further and further into the external world, they ended up inside the atom where to their surprise they saw consciousness staring them in the face.

I guessed right in nine cases out of ten.

Most scientific breakthroughs are nothing else than the discovery of the obvious.

Not all children are interested in sci-fi.

Dan survived the car crash.


She's a night owl.


Do you have an itinerary for your business trip?

Kee could see that Jesse was about to break down and cry.

Many causes produce war. There are ancient hatreds, turbulent frontiers, the "legacy of old forgotten, far-off things, and battles long ago." There are new-born fanaticisms. Convictions on the part of certain peoples that they have become the unique depositories of ultimate truth and right.

I want you to find him for me.

I am embarrassed.

I come from a large family.

It could be a dangerous mission.


Why do you work here?

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To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand.

You were at my wedding.

Does it hurt when you chew?

Geoff doesn't sleep as much as he used to.

Nici was surprised when Florian showed up at his party.

The mother cat went out hunting birds.

It'll never last.

What do you think of this issue?

I thought you were going to do this.

Christina said that he thought Dennis was still living with her parents.

We cooked dinner for them.

You know what you must do, right?

You men, you're all selfish and heartless, and us women, who are always loving and compassionate, we're forced to obey you!


I abstain from alcohol.

Mats ate nothing.

Unity is our strength!

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Please give me your answer by return.

You're stronger than you think.

An old woman described the world as resting on a turtle, and then explained that the turtle was supported by another turtle, and finally when pushed with questions said it was "turtles all the way down."

Would you ask Jong to come here?

I saw "Star Wars" some months ago.

I told you I wanted to help.

Kristen knows he shouldn't do that.

I was forced to come here, like you.

I liked them before they became popular.


Jeffery and Jerry rescued an orphaned kitten.

It has: it is in the heart of the Chinese people.

At the premiere, Gilles met with fans and signed autographs.


I lived in Boston many years.

Would you like to go on a trip with me?

My grandmother gets up early.


What were they doing yesterday?

She looked at him with an inscrutable expression.

It's nearly 2:30.

I only wish Spy could be here.

They want to change the law.

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How much money have you got?


That's how it began.

I did what I was told.

That only makes it worse.

I couldn't go to work because I was sick.

I never plan to retire.

Go see them.

Brightening teeth is a multimillion- or multibillion-dollar industry.


Please wait here while I talk to Alfred.

A compromise may be required.

This chair is too small.

The plane had already left the airport.

Quite a few British people were really cut up about the results of the plebiscite, but those who had not bothered to vote had only themselves to blame.

Dad said he'd be promoted to section manager next year.

It's not what we thought it was.

The watch on the desk is mine.

My older brother goes fishing every weekend.

This is inappropriate.

They work very hard.

Adults and children alike would like to see the movie.

He denies nothing to his children.

I can't believe you don't want to at least look out the window.

We were young and carefree.

Not everything that you say in Lojban should be rational.

I'm a lot bigger than you are.

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Venus does not have any naturally occurring satellites.

It is very convenient to have a convenience store next to one's house.

I don't feel like working. How about going to a movie instead?


Autocatalytic processes have positive feedback built in.

Please put your waste in the bins outside.

You two look like you're having fun.


I didn't know Brandy at all.

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We thought we might expect a good harvest.

I just finished cleaning your place.

Every once in a while I play soccer with my brother.


We all have families.

Susie loves Japanese music.

Besides that, I don't know how to dance.


Tatoeba is a dictionary.

I hate everything about Jin.

It happened that the day was my birthday.

Do you really expect me to give you money?

We need to stay awake.

The angry crowd threw missiles at the police.

He immediately left us.


It was alive.

There's so much to say.

You're better off without him.

I'm thinking of the plan.

The people crowded around the boy.

What's the fastest way to get to the post office from here?

I hate mowing the lawn.


I have to see you.

I thought it doubtful whether he would come or not.

What's 5,814 rounded to the nearest thousand?


He has extensive experience and his competence has branched out into several fields.


I can take care of her.


Your arms are more important than that stick, so instead of using your arm, use the stick.

Learning esperanto, as recent university researches prove, makes foreign language acquisition easier and quicker.

We cannot rule out the possibility of an accident.


We're being transferred.


This is a subject of which I know nothing whatever.


Evan and Dimitry were sitting across the table from John and Alice.

I have stomach cramps.

She came into the room.

What's you're biggest regret?

I told Arne that I wouldn't be at his party.

Leonard has just opened a restaurant on Park Street.

Why did you buy only one banana?

I have push button phones.

Who could do that?


Sally must be from Boston.


I intend to tell the truth.

It could be cancer.

I'm surprised to find you here.

Kyle enjoys reading books in French.

Such projects are never finished.

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I'm just beginning.


Isn't this what you've been dreaming about?

I felt ill at ease in the presence of the principal.

I don't want to sue them.

I did not check their mail box.

The power of his physique is evident to all who look at him.

I know a guy who goes fishing almost every weekend.

Just out of curiosity, did you have really have any fun?

Bring me my glasses.

The number of looks equals the number of people.

I like cats very much.

The authorities sent in troops to quell the riot.


I'll join you there later.

My head hurts.

We would be very pleased if you paid us a visit.


Tao certainly made no attempt to stop the fight.

Let's not talk about that now.

Natural selection has similarities to selective breeding, but it happens by itself and over a much longer period of time.

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There's plenty to talk about.

I guess Anatole is looking for Tuan.

Mott has always performed well in every job he has had.

I want to examine the body of the victim.

Since I wasn't hungry, I only ordered coffee.

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Sjouke persuaded Sir to join our band.


How did you buy your car?


Kathleen learned to drive when he was thirteen.

She tried to go on a diet and lose five kilograms.

Why does Cindy do that to himself?

I told you to go away.

Once you hesitate, you are lost.

When you have written your name, write the date.

It wasn't exactly a piece of cake.

It's not barcoded.

All I have is one book.