It's good talking to you.

I think Jochen looks very handsome.

Wilson told Randall she didn't want him to date other women.

Luis is very competent.

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It is pretty warm today.

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The family assimilated quickly into their new environment.

He needs to buy a towel.

Hanako made the final payment on her car, and felt very satisfied.

This is the first time we've given a concert in Boston.

They were all in convulsions of laughter.

I can't tell him that.

He was proud of his brother.


Matt doesn't know that I'm Canadian.


Sometimes I stay three hours in Tatoeba.

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We were playing in the park.


I don't want to talk.


In the luggage rack there are five suitcases.

We never lock our doors around here.

Are you a freshman, too?

I am repairing the washing machine.

That doesn't mean I'm not happy.

Steen caught a big fish.

Omar showed his photo album to Julius.

I can't be a part of this.

Shuvra's book on hedgehogs testifies to her love for these animals.

It's not enough.

The political party crossed the margin of five percent in the first polls.

What do you think they're celebrating?

Lorenzo promised to help Hilda with her homework.


There was a blackout, so I reset my VCR's time, but I was off by an hour, so I missed my appointment.

Try again.

I thought I'd dropped something.

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He's fit for the position.


That uncle of his often visited the United States.

Which is correct?

Who made these rules?

Drain the pasta into the colander.

Where is it that Lex wants to go?


Look out for them.

They had an exciting game.

This is between them and me.

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Let's work.

I could have you arrested.

There is no cure for schizophrenia.


Please call me at any time.

There's not much I can do for you now.

I think you and Juha have more in common than you want to admit.

Louise paused at the door.

Margot grew up near a lake, but he isn't a good swimmer.

Vassos isn't as talented as you.

It's too creepy.

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We can't predict where Bucky is going to be.

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I have a previous engagement.


I had no idea Phiroze was coming.


You should read such books as you consider important.

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If I could only play the tuba half as well as you, I'd be very happy.

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Knute is learning English.

This car was ours. Now it is theirs.

Every month, there were two cases of murder.

I went out for a walk to get some fresh air.

Sergei collects comics.

You can go if you want.

We don't take credit cards.


Heather can't move as quickly as Sidney can.

He connects himself with the law firm.

I don't think that's what I need.

I'm afraid I might say something stupid.

When was the last time you bought shoes?


I was just having a little fun.


Lynn is doing a little matchmaking.


Janet didn't seem very sure.


Frankly speaking, this novel isn't very interesting.

Clay just wanted to talk to Marci.

What did I leave behind?


Will we be the only students taking the exam tomorrow?

Owen is nowhere to be found.

Her work was similar to Coleridge's one.

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I'm too poor to buy a new suit.

It's still snowing in Boston.

He's not really your father. Heh-heh.

Jean-Christophe recognized Ramsey as soon as he saw her.

He likes his coffee black.

She is rich but he is poor.

You haven't heard the last of me.

I'll guard it with my life.

I don't want to get involved in the theater world.


Did I miss the party?

The man pleaded self-defence.

Keep it brief.

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Don't look for me.

I didn't call an ambulance.

I love you like I love myself.

Alex was never the same after that.

If there had been a problem, we'd have heard about it.


Eliot is probably asleep.

Mr. Smith went out to get lunch.

Don't sleep with her just because you want to.

I'm afraid this data is not reliable.

I'm not a weirdo.


We ate pancakes for breakfast.


I somehow misplaced my glasses.

There are few apples in the basket.

Harris doesn't have a say in that matter.

Cole was probably drunk when he crashed his car.

The Toyo Hotel has a free transportation service from the airport to the hotel for their guests.

Without music, life would be an error.

Learning foreign languages is boring.


It appears that she had a nice time at the party.

Imagine yourself having already accomplished that.

I want to sleep for a while.

A mere 529 spectators watched the game.

She has a nice body.

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It goes without saying, but the search ended in vain.


Give me my cane.

Aaron said he didn't feel like talking to Antonio.

Agreed, see you later.


Is that why you called me?

Irving was as naked as a jaybird.

He never loses hope.

Subsequently, she started screaming and breaking vases. I, in turn, nonchalantly left the apartment, and went to have tea with Jianyun.

Money, not love, makes the world go round.


He did not know what to do with the extra food.

Please tell me about your problem.

Not that I dislike the work, but that I have no time.

Am I forgetting anyone?

In fact, your deeds don't match your words.

It's quite a ways from here.

Look! There's a plane taking off.

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Let's do this while it's still cool.

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He ran for his life.


Even when she thought about something else, ideas of death returned to her mind.

What key is the symphony in?

I am an eager student of magic.

On having a talk with him, I found him troubled but friendly.

Tomorrow I must leave earlier.

Do you play with my shoes?

He lost all of his money.


Lin died in a traffic accident.

He was tortured by guilt.

To make an excuse for having stayed out late.

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Don't call him on the telephone now.

Her diligence is indeed worthy of praise.

She was burning with jealousy.

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He knows all the answers.

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I took a long nap after lunch.


We learned as much as possible about their culture before visiting them.

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Patricio hasn't cleaned his room yet.

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What I think doesn't matter.

I remember how he used to be.

I was wondering if it would be OK if I took tomorrow off.

I told you yesterday.

Nothing is so precious as health.

I like to cut up wood in my backyard.

Is your head full of straw?