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Introducing the travel benefits platform that will help you reach, recruit, and retain your next generation of talent.

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How it Works


Companies Sign Up

Companies choose to offer travel benefits to employees. Treehoppr platform is unlocked and employees receive invitations to join.


P.T.O. Dollars Saved

Employees set a portion of each paycheck aside for travel and company matches or contributes. Money is automatically saved in a Treehoppr account.


Vacations Planned

When savings goals are reached, Treehoppr travel agents work with employees to choose destinations and build itineraries. Treehoppr handles all booking responsibilities.


Everyone Is Happy!

Employees relax and enjoy well-deserved vacations. Companies enjoy increased creativity, productivity, and engagement from employees.

For Companies

35% of Americans plan to travel abroad at least once this year. By committing to a passion for travel, your company can stand out to future candidates and positively impact retention with current employees.

For Employees

Wish you had more time and money to travel? Companies everywhere are helping employees reach their travel goals by offering travel benefits. By signing up, you're effectively petitioning your company to join the movement.


The Travel Portal

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FREE Forever

    Use travel as a common interest to strengthen relationships within your company. Features include:

  • Travel Profiles
  • Tips from Co-workers
  • Photo Sharing + Blogs
  • Trip Inspiration Tools

Custom Solutions

$ 13 50
billed annually

    Get tailored solutions and customizations to our best-in-class platform. Examples include:

  • Gamified Travel Experience
  • Dedicated Travel Agents
  • P.T.O. Planning & Management
  • * More Coming In 2018 *

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If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to reach out to us. We love chatting with fellow travelers.

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